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Full Version: Damians Sketchbook
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heya, some real loose stuff, some tighter stuff, but all still unfinished so yeah. Will be adding more actual life drawings and studies, i just have never saved any since its pointless, but now i will start adding them to here.
Another one, about an hour, really just trying to test out my skills with colour, which are lacking a bit still, but getting there.
awesome stuff! keep it going! :D
Cheers mate, will do!
Good start to your sketchbook, really liking your values on the B&W environments. The final colour piece, the guy feels that he should be a little further in (where the 3rds would intersect - rule of thirds) as he'd feel a little more comfortable there.

Keep up the good work! ^_^
welcome dude, keep on postin!
Cheers guys, and Laura i think you're right ill keep it in mind for the next one.
other stuff
as a lot have said, nice start to your sketchbook
I really like the last painting you did. It has some anatomy issues here and there. Love the composition. Good job
Thanks! Oh i know dude haha i find painting the figure a lot different to the sketching of one. Just practice more i guess. But Thankyou!

WIP for Uni,
Editorial Illustration for the first men in space, Any feedbacks good if you wanna give it
Just some quick studies before dinner
Before bed idea, i like this one. gonna keep at it.
the latest one is looking real good, nice atmosphere and value separation
Finished. Story goes that the earths oceans have dried up long ago, overpopulation and scarce resources saw some people migrate to empty vessels to live in large religious communities, often sacrificing people to oceanic gods by throwing them to the empty ocean floors below. These priests then bless the area in the hope that the blood will quench the grounds thirst.
That looks awesome, the story is really cool to.
Thanks buddy!
That is one badass priest! i like the narrative.
quick half hour study of a landscape in the mawwwning
2 new ones today, i think i will go with the mountainside one looking up, just seems like it could be an interesting place to put an imposing castle or something with some of those green banners hanging down
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