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The dark ages have ended and the golden horizon returns. hope grows in all who are brave enough to rise and seek a greater cause.

The Goldenboy awards are back and were going to be returning with full force! for those of you not familiar with the challenge, the details are as follows.

-Goldenboy challenges are a 1 month study challenge ending and restarting on the first of the following month

-Goldenboy challenges are judged purely on merit, based on who pushes themself to learn and grow the most in the given month. those who work the hardest and apply the most to their portfolio are judged higher than others. this means that the best looking portfolio is not as important as the most improved portfolio! dont be intimidated! despite the skill level of all applicants, this is judged on a level playing field!

-Studies should pertain to artist weak spots and should not play to your strengths! avoid comfort zones! the most beautiful and polished studies of things youre good at doing are nowhere near as helpful as tough, challenging, bad looking studies you really beat yourself up on! challenge yourself and avoid those comfort zones!

- Goldenboy submissions will include all studies and personal work the studies have been applied to for that month. (if work with studies applied can not be shown publicly for NDA reasons, please say so in the submission and just show the studies. we all work and understand!)

-Submissions will be posted on the forums in the Goldenboy section and subforums (soon to come).

WINNERS of monthly Goldenboys receive a full portfolio review live on the my stream with Dave, myself, and (when possible) a Mystery professional! past Goldenboy guest reviewers have included Brad Rigney, Trevor Claxton, and Mike 'Daarken' to name a few!

Lets rekindle that healthy competition that made this group what it is today! Go forth and lead the golden charge.

yes, ursula. yes.
awesome news !
Really awesome news!! Wooooo!

Cornelius Hoelz

kick ass!
wow, I never participated in one, so looking forward to this :)


win - win situation. ta, love!
Looking forward to this!
Really excited that this is back!
Hmm soundtrack sold me while reading this !
OMG, I just threw up from the excitement of this Golden Boy challenge! :D WAHHH! I'm so freaking DOWN!


so where do we post exactly? i am confused:)
me too


This is awesome that you do this, giving people without connections a chance to be reviewed by yourselves and a possible professional. That is really nice of you guys to help get people noticed. Man I am excited to study with you guys.


Wow this is awesome! I appreciate that you guys are doing it. I will definitely participate this.