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Full Version: Victoria's Sketchbook
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Hai guys!
16 years old

here are some of my sketches & studies.

[Image: the_queen_by_purblindd-d519st8.jpg]
[Image: redhead_study_by_purblindd-d59njyo.png]
[Image: those_eyes_by_purblindd-d5cyew2.jpg]
[Image: face_by_purblindd-d5d1l77.jpg]
Nice start so far, hope to see more posts :)
thank you, man!

here i go with the next quick study that i just finished

[Image: tumblr_ma5c5dq2X21ra9tb4o1_1280.png]
[Image: potatoes_by_purblindd-d5el0xn.jpg]

Hey Victoria! Nice studies! Just love the tattoo from the second picture, and you're skintones are looking really nice :D
hooow could this bee.. i wish i would be 16 again. (but now i have to work twice as hard (:: )
just ikeep on going!
cool works, also you are so young! i envy you haha
Hoping to see more studies like the last one
Hey guys, thank you
unfortunately i can do only studies >.>

a friend of mine asked me if i can draw some characters from the book she is writing,
so here it's quick sketch of the first one known as Ahinora!

[Image: tumblr_machf2TJIW1ra9tb4o1_1280.jpg]
so,here is the first one study of female face that i had to do! I am looking forward to see the studies of my study partner Melinda!

[Image: tumblr_mae71txoAy1ra9tb4o1_1280.png]
Nice work in here Victoria, those last two came out great! Hope you continue working on that character design you got up there. A few issues that can be fixed in the mid section and legs but has a great start so far!
your stuff is great keep working
Great stuff keep up the dedication and studying and youll be phenominal and your only 16!? Jesus! No excuses from me huh! you guys keep me motivated keep up the good work!
long time no post! i just moved to another house!
thank you guys!
DavidFisher, i am almost 17!

[Image: tumblr_matesxeCmC1ra9tb4o1_1280.png]


so that's where i do my stuff

[Image: tumblr_math87KxZy1ra9tb4o1_1280.jpg]
uuuh I wish I was this good when I were "almost 17" -_-
seriously, good stuff!
I love your pencil sketches and the characterdesign
you have a deviantArt account or something, so I can start stalking you? :D
ah thank you!
i used a pen for the traditional one.
yes i have > purblindd
Looking great, I love your sketches in post #4! looking forward to more of your art.
[Image: tumblr_mb67bx65kO1ra9tb4o1_500.jpg]

well i havent drawn for a long time on paper so here is one quick portrait i did
[Image: tumblr_mb9mbmfRjP1ra9tb4o2_1280.jpg]
my new study

decided to call it flatness xD

[Image: tumblr_mbbtpsMUW51ra9tb4o1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mbtwb46kPV1ra9tb4o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mbtwb46kPV1ra9tb4o2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mbtwb46kPV1ra9tb4o3_1280.jpg]

some sketches i did in school, i have some mistakes
and i din't use any ref
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