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Full Version: Myrmirada's sketchyyssz :3
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Here are finally some of my sketches :D
Took me a little while because I didn't know what to upload before... xD
The photo's were all taken at night, hence the bad light. I don't have a scanner x)..

[Image: dOACh.jpg]
[Image: cjswW.jpg]
[Image: wAnY5.jpg]
[Image: uNhFi.jpg]

So those are the little monsters and secrets hiding on my HDD :P drawings/sketches that may or may not be turned into paintings.. ^^
i really like the way you render with the pencil, specially i like the creatures.
(the second creature is the best imho :))
yeeee, colour the second sketch, the second sketch! dooo it!
Great pencil work, a lovely start to your sketchbook I also would like to see the second creature painted but I am not opposed to seeing the other ones painted as well :P.
D'aww, thanks everyone! <3

Gotta say, they all have a great chance of being colored ^^ I'm pretty sure I will at some point!
The second creature is a dog-like ent with a human-ish face, it's not finished :) it's tail is missing, as well as the branches on it's head, but if I'm ever gonna color it, it will be repainted entirely anyways so that's np :P
here's some more:

[Image: kG1ey.jpg]
(the swearing bug is swearing because it was drawn with pen, and is not as pretty as it's leafy mantis brother! D: )
[Image: eq3Km.jpg]
[Image: HNRLX.jpg]

And here is an all-time favorite of myself, I'm a 100% sure I'll color this one at some point. Just sucks its on lined paper.. :(
[Image: iSWzr.jpg]
Great sketches, nice concept
Just had my first day of keeping a tight schedule. (Thank you again Terran for helping me with making the schedule!)
I didn't keep it as tight as I should have, but I got more work done than I have in a while so that's good ^^

Here are some 10 minute figure drawings to figure out what kind of poses are most difficult, and to see how bad my anatomy knowledge is, as well as an environment speedy, some animal studies and a quick character painting from the head.

Turns out I don't know what exactly I'm painting and accentuating when doing figure drawings (because I don't know which muscles are where), environments got more color than you would first expect and the ox has interesting bones and horns.
I think the character is some sort of mage.. with armor... x)

I require more sketches! Love the design of the character you posted, it feels very guildwars-ish ;P (no offence intended)
good good, day 2 go!
(02-12-2013, 09:51 AM)Yarrnick Wrote: [ -> ]I require more sketches! Love the design of the character you posted, it feels very guildwars-ish ;P (no offence intended)

I know, no offence taken.. :P

Day two of the schedule! it got wrecked by a visit to IKEA and building a bookshelf when I came home xD yeaah~

I still did some of it though, here's the work :)

alright so I massively ditched my schedule for a good 2 days.. first because I had a bad day, feeling sick and all.. then because it was Valentines day as well as still trying to get it back together :).

doesn't mean I didn't do anything ^^


and for the happy people out there; a bear and rose study converted into something special: [attachment=14023]

He loves you, he really does.
Dude, you have some awesome stuff in here! Eeeeeshk!
Some awesome work here!! I love your pencils lines, your way of rendering is great! YOu're doing a great job with the screenshots studies too! You're heading in the right direction, keep them coming! :D
Anna, your sketches are so beautiful! Keep up the studies, they're great :D
Your sketches are so awesome :D