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Full Version: Fincks' sketchbook
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Hey, here's my sketchbook.

It's been one year since I started photoshop. I haven't done studies everyday 'cause I also did a bit of 3D and UDK. (for school)
But I really think that I want to become a Concept Artist so I'll try to focus my free time on photoshop.
It's uploaded in the chronological order.

[Image: 07xPc.jpg]

School Project
(Huge inspiration of Trine 2 ._.)
[Image: pz7ZU.jpg]

[Image: lLqNy.jpg]

[Image: rfBWx.jpg]

[Image: Aj8FN.jpg]

Some old studies :

Welcome to The Rileys
[Image: K5jV.jpg]

[Image: J7Osy.jpg]

[Image: Fp7kB.jpg]

Rembrandt Self-Portrait
[Image: A9lZB.jpg]

Another School Project. We did a "game" in four months with 5 of my classmates, it was... a failure, but that was the purpose. To see all the process until the end of the production of a game.
It was a great and stressful experience at the same time.

[Image: tbs8c.jpg]

[Image: pGC64.jpg]

[Image: e7lvZ.jpg]
Actually, I never finished it, it was supposed to be way more ruined but I haven't had the time (High res )

Recent studies :

[Image: SkEo1.jpg]

[Image: oBunt.jpg]

[Image: HhFkw.jpg]

[Image: w64Wt.jpg]

A self-Portrait
[Image: R8C5t.jpg]

[Image: QHqu8.jpg]

And here's a WIP of Sean Bean in GoT
[Image: gb68a.jpg]

It looks like him but there is something strange, I can't see what.

Hope it wasn't too long :B.
Awesome work on the perspective stuff! Has a Diablo1/2 feel to them. Welcome to the forums and keep up the good work.
Im with Dennis in the perspective works, they are great and have a Diablo feel wich is cool.

The last study is going very well too, but if you ask me, i think there is something wrong with his mouth.
Thanks. Actually, I never played Diablo, it would be too addictive !

Yeah, his mouth might be a bit weird and he has a plastic look.
Thanks for the feedback !
[Image: n9JWf.jpg]

The mouth may be wrong.
I'll fix his hair another day.
Cool stuff Fincks, like what you have so far.
Great work, the spider is great
thanks for the kind comments :) that GOT studies is honestly amazing !!!! i need to do some longer studies i think haha :)
Thanks !
Well, long studies are great for learning and studies of one or two hours forces you to only focus on the main point (:
What solid perspective skills! I love the armadillo and the newest study you did. That spider is also pretty wicked as well.
Nice studies, specially that last one.
Thanks guys !

Here is another one. Couldn't find the right green for the grass.
[Image: 7xtG3.jpg]

I'm pretty much hitting a wall right now.
School is starting again, my school project is a sci-fi game (it ends in june) and sci-fi is clearly not my cup of tea.
So I haven't much freetime. I feel like it will slow me down.
I won't improve doing studies over and over again. But I fell asleep trying to do a personal work ._.
Doing a study is simple, you choose the pic and you do it. But when it comes to personal work, I need at least dozens of thumbnails for the composition and the same goes for references.

I've always the impression that time is running out, so you rush things and you end up having nothing x).
These were my thoughts for the night !
Calm down man, don't rush things like you say, everything needs its time and space, and getting things done is a matter of giving them the right amount of it, I don't think time is running out, it's not a race, it's a matter of getting stronger step by step, improving and learning from what you do and study. I think, what really matters, are the results, and you are getting quite good ones!
Just take it easy, focus and enjoy what you do :)
Keep it up!
Thanks man (:
I don't want to rush things, but there's this voice that keeps telling me that I'm too slow.
I think it's just this question that people keep asking, "what training gives you the best result" even if we know there isn't any.
I'll try to have fun and improve at the same time, this should be the best way !
Well, as for what training gives the best result, I say it would be experience.
As they say, practice makes perfect, and it will also make you faster and better. Just keep pushing, keep giving the best of you on each piece, on every study, take the best out of them and apply what you learnt on future pieces. Just don't rush yourself :)
Cheers dude!
malan:Thanks again !

Study of an orc from LOTR.
This one was actually quite funny in the movie !

[Image: 9lcbT.jpg]
I love all the texture you're doing in that last screencap, looks great. Keep it up :)
Is it the one who wants to eat the hobbits?
Your texture control is really nice dude! Only advice I could give you is to focus on the values, like observing how light and dark each plane on the face would be. But other than that man keep it up, making good progress, sean bean piece and the orc are great improvements.
Forrestimel: Thanks, that's what I'm gonna do !
Warre: Yes, it's him ! Thanks !

JacobJanerka: Thanks man, I appreciate the crit'. I wanted to see how far I could go with my actual level in texture.
I'm gonna focus on the value and not on the texture from now on.
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