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Hey guys, I'll upload some personal work and studies from the last few months. I first started digital painting in August 2011, I hadn't really done any art for around 5 years before that. Cheers for looking!

[Image: icy-concept.jpg]
[Image: icy-enviro2.jpg]
[Image: marsh-finished.jpg]
[Image: urban-samurai.jpg]
[Image: match-goddess-updated.jpg]
[Image: sargent-study.jpg]
[Image: Roman-Naval.jpg]
These are the latest, from the last week or 2 :)

[Image: mountain-tree.jpg]
[Image: samus-finished.jpg]
[Image: arctic-final.jpg]
[Image: moomin-bright.jpg]
[Image: crystal-study.jpg]
[Image: armour-study.jpg]
[Image: Knights-templar-study.jpg]
[Image: self-portrait-2.jpg]
[Image: bodybuilder-torso-study.jpg]
[Image: prudhon-study.jpg]
Very nice work, I particularly enjoy the colours in the second environment. Looking forward to see more
(01-25-2012, 08:29 AM)thomasmahon Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice work, I particularly enjoy the colours in the second environment. Looking forward to see more

Cheers! Colours are something I have a lot of trouble with.

Here's tonights study
[Image: model-portrait-study.jpg]
Todays studies!

[Image: face-studiess.jpg]
well its clrear how far you have come already so keep up the great work :D
good stuff man, keep at it
You've got some really interesting environment stuff going on here. Really like your work :)
Cheers guys!

Here are todays studies. The peachy colour is me trying to differentiate the reflected light from the normal light.

[Image: face-studiess-2.jpg]

And here are a few from imagination, trying to apply what I've learned from the studies.

[Image: face-studiess-applied.jpg]
Today I tried out sculpting with sculpey for the first time, tried to make an anatomically correct skull. Seems to be wayyyyy too soft to make little details..

[Image: skull-sculpt.jpg]
Nice stuff. I think your doing a great job with head construction. About the skull, I think you made the depressions on the side of the skull much too deep, nut that might be because of the clay.
Yeah it was a real pain, really soft. Here are todays studies, still life and a master study.

[Image: apple-still-life.jpg]

[Image: girl-master-study.jpg]
Nice work! Environments look good.
Cheers man!

Here's a Zorn master study. I found it quite difficult, all those saturated yellows and oranges next to greys. I can't seem to figure out where to use greys in the skin tones from these studies, it just seems like they blobbed them on at random to me!

[Image: zorn-study.jpg]
Teapot still life on a yellow fluorescent jacket. I couldn't pick colours bright enough to represent the highlights on it, it was also pretty difficult because it was right in front of my monitor and the yellow was reflecting on it!

[Image: teapot-study.jpg]

Fetch master study.

[Image: fetch-study.jpg]
Still life from today, took about 3 hours and gave me a headache!

[Image: glass-still-life.jpg]
Shining lamps on my face, trying to figure out the forms.

[Image: self-port-sketches.jpg]
Random wizard guy.

[Image: old-wizard-guy.jpg]
[Image: anatomy-pencil-1.jpg]
I have just been studying lately, nothing much to show, been reading Vilppu's drawing manual, I highly recommend it. I've also been learning a bit about the Reilly abstraction.

[Image: self-portrait-3.jpg]
[Image: core-shadow-sketches.jpg]
Still just studying antomy, here's a couple of 10 minute studies from tonight. I have some figure drawings to upload when I can be bothered too.

[Image: red-pencil.jpg]
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