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Full Version: Jean Carlos Sketchbook.
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Welcome to my sketchbook, in here I will only update on the quick studies and sketches, I will try to update it everyday with new things.

Ok the pictures are too big! *Sigh*
Very nice studies in here man! First one came out sweet. Just make sure to decrease image size in future updates.
These for today. Tomorow I will do more achitecture studies, im thinking old west, asia, modern tokio.
Impressive work in here, keep up the good work.
Thanks Warre.
Today I couldnt do the studies, but did this (unfortunately inside my confort zone):
Awsome values in that last one
This is the chinese architecture study:
Nice work with your studies, keep it up!
This is a quick city sketch, very random, just lots of houses, no composition, no story_telling:
You seem to like architecture! ;)
Keep it up man, the linework on these is quite awesome :)
Today was just for practice and to measure where I am in terms of visual library. Did these without reference, just very quick things.
you really like environment design , that's cool , keep practicing :)
This is the continuation of the sketch I did before, fixed the perspective and did new linework. I will try to finish this one.
Nice stuff man. Your studies and personal stuff all looks really. Awesome linework :)
Hi all! did a couple of quick studies (30 sec each body), this is great for anatomy and really entertaining:
If you wanna give it a try:
Another update on the sketch. Coloring this will be hard XD:
This is the final, hope you like it and now I will continue with practice stuff.
-More anatomy studies, faces, and stuff.
Im not too happy with the colors of the last image, I really need to understand color better that will be my assignment, there is a video from Matt Kohr called The “Tiny Study”, I will be doing a some of those.
Here is the link:

Pixel lovely sketches:
ugh! that city study in the beginning would be a pain in the ass for me to do :) keep up the good work man
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