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Full Version: Being a concept artist without moving?
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Hi guys! I need your help and knowledge about this! :blush:

I hope to become an illustrator/ concept artist some day but I live in Europe and I don't plan on leaving everything I have here, my friends, family and loved ones for a job abroad (unless it's a 6 months internship or so)..

So my question is, do you know if there's any way to become a concept artist while staying in your home country (which doesn't provide any concept art jobs)? Or is the only way of working as a concept artist "on location"?
I hear people (artists) telling me they live in the States and don't want to move either so they mainly work as freelancers. Is that the only solution?

Thanks a lot for all the help you can give! :)
Hi LaleAnn

So long your skills are up to scratch you can work anywhere you want. As a freelancer almost all your income is through clients online, so a healthy internet connection is all thats required.

hope this helps ;)
Thanks ,am! Even for a concept artist, really?
well if there's no on-location jobs available then your next main option is freelancing. i live in Romania, there's hardly any studios here but i still managed to find a small one to hide in while still freelancing for clients all over the world
Yes, that's what I think I'll be doing.. Even Feng Zhu answered my question on Youtube saying there's no problem to live overseas and work as a freelance concept artist. :)
Just do work which you love.