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Full Version: Majin's Sketchbook
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Hey guys, I'm MajinPower (a.k.a. Chris), anyway I'm a 19 year old from the US, I started getting serious about becoming an artist at 18. Even though I could sort of draw back in high-school (mostly portrait stuff) I realized that I'd need to step my game up if I wanted to become professional. My goal is to become the best artist that I can be and hopefully become a digital illustrator/concept artist in the future, in 5+ years perhaps(?). I'm currently a student at a junior college studying art (after transferring from a college where I majored in Computer Networking for one semester), but I'm not enjoying it much, too many restrictions, not enough freedom or learning going on there for that matter hmm...:-/

Anyway, here is a dump of traditional 30 second to 15 minute sketches from imagination, photos, and references that I've done recently (will show digital as soon as I can, just got a tablet a week or two ago, still getting used to it :P):

[Image: 1_zpsac1c9b52.jpg]

[Image: 2_zps84d7c837.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpsdc184344.jpg]

[Image: 4_zps43f996f9.jpg]

[Image: likasome_zpsf48e3009.jpg]

[Image: 5_zps78ff7d4a.jpg]

[Image: 6_zps1c4ddf01.jpg]

[Image: 7_zps2631ae29.jpg]

[Image: 10_zps23b32fdb.jpg]

[Image: 11_zps588c0088.jpg]

[Image: 12_zps557e0dc3.jpg]

[Image: 15_zpsef03b657.jpg]

[Image: 17_zps40e2752f.jpg]

[Image: 18_zps482ceede.jpg]

[Image: 21_zpsade66714.jpg]

[Image: 22_zps08504e4e.jpg]

[Image: 24_zps19eb42ad.jpg]

[Image: 25_zpsc82340f0.jpg]

[Image: 9_zps6dce4162.jpg]

[Image: 26_zps60dd9366.jpg]

[Image: 23_zps20aa1143.jpg]


[Image: last_zps176396f9.jpg]

And here are portraits/drawings (from photos) I've done in the past:

[Image: 156283_3428171674988_1692244378_n_zpsbf09190e.jpg]

[Image: 317972_3684870092288_856591971_n_zps559d6a15.jpg]

[Image: 383372_3469479827666_339075190_n_zps65ecc083.jpg]

And lastly, this is what I plan on turning into a digital piece :D:

[Image: 27_zps4c8260e5.jpg]
Hey guys here are a couple other drawings and sketches I've worked on recently (traditionals all 18 x 24 ): My hand (studies), plant study, and instead of doing a paint over for that last image I showed above that I said I was gonna turn digital I decided to scrap it and start a digital outline from scratch using the same/similar pose...anatomy a bit better than the pencil one I think(?), no? Meh, time to do some studies, back to drawing...:P.

P.S. I apologize for the crappy photography

[Image: 2012-12-30_15-34-37_950_zps574b1106.jpg]

[Image: 2012-12-30_15-35-09_551_zpscec19128.jpg]

[Image: 2012-12-30_15-35-33_310_zpsbfdc17ef.jpg]

[Image: 2012-12-30_15-38-27_247-1_zps3537d466.jpg]

[Image: 27digi2_zpsa9e6af27.jpg]

(I plan on finishing this until it's a full illustration, then I plan on redrawing and painting this in the future to see my improvements)
Looks good so far, just keep drawing from life.
Demon Lizardman - Thanks for the tip. Will continue to do!

Wow, so it's 2013...wonder how much I'll progress by the end of it, anyway, since I'm new to PS/Digital Painting, and doing stuff in color for that matter, I decided to do a skin study:

[Image: study00psd_zps14f8ead6.jpg]

And the next night/morning I did this from 3 am to 6 refs used just was experimenting with PS and stuff...and I literally have no idea how the face/doodle of disproportions below turned into what it did lol:

[Image: girldroidmaybepracticescratch_zpsbcb64b5b.jpg]

[Image: girldroidmaybepracticescratchexperiment_zpsf83ba68b.jpg]

[Image: girldroidmaybepracticescratchexperiment2...1f319b.jpg]

Ta-da? So proportionally horrible still XD, but w/e moving on :P

[Image: finalthingofftheterr2_zps186de2e2.jpg]
Quick Update thing:

[Image: 27digi2_zpsa0f3ebb0.jpg]

I gotta stop being lazy and upload my sketches from my sketchbook xP
Got a new scanner :D

Random Crap, everything from imagination except last 2 which are 30 second gestures (my weaknesses are like everything lol):

[Image: Scan0004_zpsb61eb397.jpg]

[Image: Scan0002_zps95c96a8c.jpg]

[Image: Scan0009_zps23f0b9bf.jpg]

[Image: Scan0008_zpseb5bee92.jpg]

[Image: Scan0007_zps753dcfc2.jpg]

[Image: Scan0003_zpsfe677a66.jpg]

[Image: Scan0006_zps1b6bcbae.jpg]

[Image: Scan0005_zps9a75c0e5.jpg]
Anatomy stuff bleh:

[Image: Medical_zpse01ec83d.jpg]

[Image: Medical2_zpsf9f798c3.jpg]

And this thing:

[Image: practice_zps73f041bd.jpg]

more stuff to come (Loomis studies)
Nice sketchbook you've got here! You're hitting a nice level of output with all these figure, and head studies, keep it up. From a few of your personal works you have posted in here, I'd say continue working on the construction of the head/face. I'm sure if you're studying Loomis you must already have his Drawing the Head and Hands book, if not I would look into getting your hands on it. Keep it up with your figure drawings and anatomy studies! :]

And always keep putting into practice what you're learning. Hope this helps a bit, and can't wait to see some improvement.
Archreux - Thanks! Will do. Recently took up a life drawing class as well, hopefully it helps as well and yep I got the book :P.

Anyway, considering I procrastinate with scanning stuff I have some studies from Loomis I'll share later on :P, for now I offer these digital studies:

[Image: study5tothe52_zpsb5bcfe24.jpg]

[Image: leatherstudystuff_zps21d6cdbe.jpg]

[Image: metalstudy_zps300e5fb7.jpg]

The first pic and second pic were done in a day, first one took 7-8 hrs (need to get quicker :/), the second took around an hour, and the last one was done under 30 minutes or so. All done in the matter of a day :P. My hand was dead that day aha.