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I'm goona start to post my work here, i hope every damn day :)

I suck painting haha I think my weakness are anatomy,composition and perspective.

I need some advices please :)


Today's practice :) hope you like guys

Today's study: Hands

I hate hands and i need more practice !!!!

cool your hand studies look solid, keep it up!
(01-29-2013, 06:14 AM)Reed Wrote: [ -> ]cool your hand studies look solid, keep it up!

Thanks for comment reed ,i really apreciate it :)

Today's practice !! I think is my third landscape haha:

nice hand studies
The landscape above and the hand studies before it are really nice.

It'd be hard a this point to give you much feedback with composition seeing as there is little to work critique in that department. This landscape above looks pretty nice, although it took me a while to notice that there was a hooded figure in the foreground. I'm having a hard time figuring out what I'm supposed to be looking at. The river leads my eyes towards what looks to be some industrial area in the distance, but then I notice the figure, and the trees all seem to be pointing me away from him/her. There is good atmospheric perspective in it as well.

As for the rest of your sketchbook, there isn't a lot at this point, but it seems quite random in terms of where your focus lies. Anatomy, composition, and perspective. . . I would possibly suggest that you do some full figure studies, and some inner architectural/landscape studies, then combine the two. Thumbnail some compositions, and place a character in a scene. This is just one way of going about it, you can work on your anatomy, composition with setting up the scene itself, and depending on what is happening within all this, perspective. Think of what it is you'd like to do, and have some studies done based off of that idea. Like I said, this is just one of many ways you could go about working on your specific weaknesses. Whatever works, and helps you learn best, I say.

Hope this helps. As always, keep it up! :]
Highly recommend doing daily anatomical studies for between an hour to two hours.
There is an art resources thread about on the forum so you might want to check that out :D
@Archreux Thanks!! Ilove this kind of comments dude! I really apreciate it :) I 'll follow your advices!

@Chiritsu I've doing daily anatomical studies but i still having problems with legs i'll practice them for 1 hour this week, thanks :)

So...... Traditional time!!! Here are some pencil sketches from today and some stuff i forgot to upload yesterday xD
Bird Study, references used :)

had fun with this !!

Trying environments!

Hey yo SilverKeeper. Whats up dude, we bumped into each other on CA. Good to see you and another SB. Good shit.
Good stuff here man.

I'd say try to set longer goals for yourself, like practice environments for a week, first using reference, then doing stuff from imagination, then comparing to the reference. That way you're pulling information from somewhere and pushing yourself.

Keep pushing!
Hey Silver! I really like the animal studies and like dracken said, don´t try to do everything at once, try to focus on a specific theme (i know this may be kinda dull and sometimes it sucks to search for references :D) for something between a week and a month, but then do a change and come back later to it if you still feel you have to improve or you will end up drawing the same over and over again. I kinda feel like that with my portrait challenge atm, but damn we ca do this!

Let´s keep it up!

@reed Thanks for your comment reed, yeah, sometimes i think i lose my horizon,haha but i'm focusing lately only on landscapes, as draken suggested to me,but they are not good enough ...yet, i will post them here when i feel they look good hahaha.

i had fun with this today,i think is my portrait hahahaha

trying to play with lights, i haven't enough time to paint lately :/

damn i suck, i need more landscape practice!!
Nice landscapes! One thing I notice is the recurrence of horizontal lines a lot through your piece, you may be able to benefit from trying to create large shapes as opposed to this scratchy sort of feel, if you want me to expand on that let me know!
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