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So. Lets get straight to it! I'm so ready to learn and share!

Here we go! o.0

I am currently working on the doctor! Trying to figure out how I want to color him. TBH Its hit or miss with decent looking pictures for me!

fixed the chin, cheek, forehead, lip, eyebrow shade.
this is killing me!

Im never shading black/white again. I'll just stick to color shading lol.. and maybe ill stick to life drawings for a while.
decided to only strictly draw from life. I want to get better!

Heres a life sketch.


Edit: I already see some mistakes. fixing now.


Hey! Nice to see where you're currently at with your drawing skills.
I'd recommend going back to basics and repeating them. Things like anatomy studies, watching how people work and construction lines. If you need links to these kind of resources, they are around in the forums too :D

For now I'd say just focus on some anatomy studies/life drawing since it's another good way to see how you do in that :0
For sure! Thank you so much for the advice and kind words :) Life Drawings and Anatomy, here I come!
Update! Drew an eye, got bored and made it a fish.

(01-31-2013, 12:44 AM)Nusku Wrote: [ -> ]Update! Drew an eye, got bored and made it a fish.

nice butt

nice butt

Gee thanks! :D
Some Gesture & Figure studies.

More gestures and figures!

Really like how the wacom pen holder thingy (or kitty) turned out!
buahaha kitty xD
quick 2 minutes per gesture!

Life drawing! (Constructed using squares) :$

hand studies!(not from life, just the basic layout)

Hey Nusku - Sam here. Great studies, keep it up and don't get disheartened!
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