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Full Version: MissMeowsikins Sketchbook
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I've been lurking around on Crimson Daggers as a guest for a while now and I thought I would take the plunge and actually post my artwork for the world to see. And it's a great way to see my progression whenever I feel as though I'm not improving and working from home there's no one to give constructive feedback. So here is some recent artwork I have done, hope you enjoy! :)
[Image: enviro1_zpsf7d2ccfd.jpg]
[Image: space_zps3c9ad9bd.jpg]
[Image: mountains_zps6ff051fd.jpg]
[Image: facespeedpaint_zpsd6276c6a.jpg]
[Image: cutemech2_zpsdac4a5bb.jpg]
[Image: pendletontwins_zps77940b52.jpg]
[Image: pelenewnewnewnew_zpsb092bc3b.jpg]
My ChoW entry this week :)