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Full Version: Pete's Sketchbook
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Hi everyone. I've been kind of haunting around the forums for awhile. But I wanted to dive in and go ahead and start sharing some of my sketches. I feel pretty humbled by a lot of what I see on here, but I'm seeking to improve and to learn one sketch at a time. Sorry about the size of the images. I'll try to format them to a smaller scale in the future.

[Image: facewarmup_2-3-13.jpg]

[Image: Leon_11-19-12.jpg]

[Image: 1295_10151129524381781_1227854637_n.jpg]

[Image: nick_knight_8-5-12_fin.jpg]

Some quick life drawing practice 10 seconds - 5 minutes poses

[Image: life_2-11-13.jpg]

[Image: life_2-11-13_ii.jpg]