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Hi guys! I've been a lurker for a while and finally decided to start posting things. My name's Rosanna, or Ro for short. I would love to get into concept art for film or video games. Between school and work (both in fields I don't enjoy), I do a lot of studying on my own. I would definitely appreciate some guidance!
Great start to your sketchbook, keep your studies coming, I don't have much to add at the moment but I'll try to check back and see if I can give you any help. For the moment it's the usual, keep studying your values, light, perspactive, anatomy etc hammering the foundations ;).
@jon: Thanks! That would be awesome. I'll definitely get back to fundamentals!

Colour studies from today. I have issues with colour picking. Any tips?
more studies + made up blocks of butter..?cheese?
About you´re Problem with colourpicking, i found out that it is a good training to make studies from reallife or videogamepics, while trying to get the correct color. After chosing a color on your own, use the colorpicker on the image you are studying. Then you should realise the difference of your vision and the actual colour. Id helped me a lot to do studies this way.

I´d also recommend using a colourwheel in photoshop.
Like this one :
Its great =P .

keep on working, with regards Korky 047

Edit: great pictures, you have here.
@korky; Thanks! I downloaded the colour wheel and it's definitely helping!

More from today, memory from yesterday and doodles . I pretty much gave up on the glass bottle... T-T
some sketches and studies from the sketchbook. please excuse the potato phone quality of the pictures. it's 12am and i just got off an eight hour shift. on the bright side, life drawing session tomorrow morning woot!
slow study days, handed in a portfolio for college, back to school
colour studies from today
2-5 minute thingys. trying to figure out structure, using hampton. any tips?