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I'm Tyrus, I'm in my early-mid 20's (starting this off), this is my sketchbook and I came here to draw and learn, apply myself, and make something of my craft. Mostly, though, I just doodle and experiment.

To that end, the latest post should usually have the latest work.

Note: The bottom picture is the end result of following George Bridgeman's basic figure formula. It serves as a starting point for my sketchbook and something to look back on in the event I forget.

Because I'm such a bookworm.
* (Much of this reading is supplemented with tutorials found online)

.:List of Books Being Read:.
(Last updated August 29th, 2013)
Complete Guide to Drawing from Life [Goerge Bridgeman] (35%)
Force, Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators [Micheal D. Matessi] (35%)
Gesture Drawing for Animation [Walt Stanchfield] (25%)
The Book of a Hundred Hands [George Bridgeman] (?%)
The Natural Way to Draw [Kimon Nicolaides] (10%)

.:List of Books Read:.
(Last updated August 29th, 2013)
Figure Drawing for What it's Worth [Andrew Loomis]
Fun with a Pencil [Andrew Loomis]
Perspective Made Easy [Ernest R. Norling]
The Art of Drawing the Human Body
The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain [Betty Edwards]
I've ramped up my workload a lot in the past 4 weeks while dealing with stuff. I should be able to post things proper pretty soon. Assuming this isn't Valve time soon. Or is. Quality and all that. Either way, I think a lot of people know how this goes.

Here's some painting practice I've thrown myself at.
I'm so tired of keep this all to myself. I think I'll just stop drawing porn or stop being squemish about it.

In retrospect, it was "Valve Time" soon.
10 text characters.
And today.

These are all done on one layer, by the by. Like filling out a page on a sketchbook each day. Only without paper.
Stopping earlier than usual today. Think I'm going to rest my brain a bit.
So apparently, the size of sketchbooks pages that people scan is about 1/4 the size of my canvases, and 1/2 the size of today's page.

...I may have have been working too much.
Power Outage. Just started where I left off.
Burned myself out a bit. Going to do some private/adult studies to recover. Normal stuff may be slower than usual.
Hey Tyrus, great stuff to start your sketchy with!

My one and only suggestion (if you aren't already doing this) - think about everything in their most basic forms
Sphere, cube, cylinder and cone. This will make drawing easier by tenfold if you think in this way ;)

Great stuff, keep at it man!