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Full Version: Ryuartyi's Sketchbook
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A brand new sketchbook was one thing I wanted to start up again on my 24th birthday. The whole thing was planned and ready until a DeviantART journal came up from Brad Rigney about not receiving payments from one affiliated with Deciding I want to take my art education elsewhere, what better place than Crimson Daggers?

I want to post something in this thread weekly after my school classes are done for the week, so every Friday should be the normal pace. Hopefully people will be able to help me out if they can, and I hope my stay at Crimson Daggers is a long one.

- Bradley Dimock

I'm sorry if my pictures are a bit badly toned. I don't have a scanner, and my light source is okay at best.

[Image: i3DHElRvQEHM5.jpg]
[Image: ikT2GODOzFvP6.jpg]
[Image: iYDjlfeSwvlN2.jpg]

[Image: ibnymaCClGYqHz.jpg]
This piece had its foundations done by my perspective teacher for a demonstration. The concept, most of the details, and the composition are my own.

[Image: i8TyvXBBbcOh5.jpg]
20 days, huh? That's unfortunate. You would think that having a brand new forum to talk to people with would make me want to take a little time off from school work to post things.

I wish I had more time to make some personal studies and showcase them, with maybe even some personal work to break things up. I guess I'll just have to make time.

Well, better late than never. Update #2:

Life Drawings:

[Image: iQPLhwfIZ505X.jpg]

[Image: i2BhvIlXAAwZ3.jpg]

[Image: ibjHMX8DwTSU6D.jpg]

[Image: iivUaTLEK89iJ.jpg]

Anatomy Charts:

[Image: ibltRlp1bRn8Oa.jpg]

[Image: iUEe8idXGTTb5.jpg]


[Image: iNiutXzal8I5G.jpg]
Your figure drawings are really cool !! I see you're working hard on perspective ! It' nice, so keep it up !
Yeah, nice to see you're working on your fundamentals. If you need some help with perspective I might be able to help:-) Cheers!