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Full Version: Joerden Leigh's CD sketchbook!
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I think I need to start up my CD Sketchbook! Here are some value studies Ive bin working on started out slow but started to get the hang of it . Still not exact but I cant spend any more time on them.

So about a year ago a co-worker came to me about getting a tattoo. I had trouble at first discerning what they actually wanted for the tattoo but eventually it worked out.

The task was to create a tattoo using the letters " THLK" originally Y as well, but later we decided against it, to create a symbolic tattoo representing strength love and family.

I began trying to overlap the letters to create a symbol of sorts and possibly something of oriental visual style. I tried thinking in circular patterns as was the natural tendency.

After one meeting we found that the we wanted a tree design , which led me to the quite literal final result using the leo symbol as a foundation and drawing a tree representing family on top with the letters entwined.

I learned a lot about baby steps in freelance and some things to look for within that. Tried my best to keep the lines clean in the final for hand off to some one doing the actual ink as I have no knowledge of that process. I also stayed in frequent contact. My only regret is that it took so long to deliver.

Heads from game load time sketches , about 30 min ? need to be faster for this amount of variation but again could take them diff places. with diff stories.
Really love the stuff you got going on here, keep up the good work, when you get a min can you give mine a look
Hehe ty ! just gotta get that time in everyday... which can be difficult. I liked your stuff too def on the way hope your planning to do bs14!