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Hi all,

Just posting some of what I've done over time. I still am not quite that intuitive with anatomy (especially in perspective and action poses) and getting back into the swing of doing more studies daily. Noob with colour and lighting but have some foundation just hope to expand on it and learn more in my time here. I do feel like I'm at that turning point where I can improve a lot with hard work. Critiques are welcome!

WIP concepts for my current pitchbook project
[Image: 295678_10200894640073954_525557143_n.jpg]
(haven't fixed the perspective problems with the limbs)
[Image: 487979_10200903353211777_1006584912_n.jpg]
Anatomy studies
Older stuff

[Image: 480058_10200903528816167_1761707488_n.jpg]

Charcoal etc

[Image: Woman_Lying_Down_by_Tempestade_noir.png]

[Image: Woman_Lying_Down___Front_by_Tempestade_noir.png]

[Image: 180038_1883657336840_477172_n.jpg]

[Image: 735224_10200903506175601_316536627_n.jpg]

Eye studies

[Image: eyes_1.jpg]

Zbrush (something off with the eyelid there)
[Image: 485953_10200903621298479_1250454455_n.jpg]

Char sheet
[Image: 882213_10200903621618487_1053953675_o.jpg]
Hi! Your studies are great - esp the eyes, have a sensual quality to them. If you feel like you're on the cusp of a turning point, keep it going, I'd love to see more work :D
great studies kitsune!

the inner corner of the eyelid actually levels out so it looks a little flat from the front push it in a lil!

keep the momentum :)
Thanks for encouragement :) Just dumping some stuff for the character challenge here, will update later with work I'm doing for class
welcome to the forums cool stuff :)
This is a little something designed by someone else/classmate's thumbnail we were tasked to illustrate or render. A quick "kitbash" in Maya from parts I made separately, I really want to learn to do better paintovers of renders. Arm looks a little weak.
Cool :) could be the material but the shapes are a little hard to read at the mo.
heya Kitsune, your Sketches are really powerful, I would love to see some finished Illustrations from you. You know, some colors here and there, a bit clean up, some color-correction and stuff.
love the style, great first sketch, lots of atmosphere, charcoal is so hard to use so props for that, great stuff, maybe work on transitional forms for the 3d model the arm looks like its floating. cant wait to see more sketches etc
like your eye studies <3

something i stuggle with alot

welcome to the daggers btw :D
Nothing cooler than a dinosaur in a suit of armor with a battle axe haha pretty awesome stuff. Keep it uppp
Nice book. That last 3D model is awesome. Keep it up.
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Loving the positive vibes in the forum so far, been very motivated.

WIP-py stuff for challenge and schoolwork
Testing landscape speedpainting
I like how diffuse(if you can say that, hehe ?) the landscape is, however I feel like the palm trees are kinda out of place :)

Also, a lot of great work in this sketchbook! Good job :)
Last landscape looks really good! Keep it up!
Thanks, I feel like I need to clean up this thread soon as I improve (soon...ish, still a long long way to go)

Any tips for handling brushes for environmental speedpaints would be appreciated, I would watch more vids but I end up doing a lot of schoolwork unfortunately.
Hey Kitsune, When it comes to keeping environments clean I focus more on shapes and values, each layer of the landscape is on its own layer in Photoshop. AND I make sure I don't mix my values between the midground foreground and background. If you are looking for a quick vid to watch I recoomend this one by James Paick. The meat of the vid starts at 11:55
Sorry, should have been more clear - I meant I wasn't used to handling big "shape" brushes to create silhouettes in speedpainting, I find the ones that rotate are the ones I like most.
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