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Full Version: vZ's sketchbook
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studies from last week, bit rusty Doubtful ... time to pull out the WD40

Nice studies, I especially like the man in the poncho you used a very nice paint technique there with harder edges than your other work.
Thx Helmighs,

Yeah, I have bad habit on not switching brushes when I work. Just another thing I have to keep in mind when working. Thx for pointing it out :)

ps- looks like you have your pick of people to fill those four places in your class
Heya :)

I like the expression on the last one :) keep posting!
hey anzhou!

Thx for dropping in :)

today's study and some character thumbs...

time for an update...

soooo another study. I already see stuff wrong with it :S. I gotta whip myself into shape with those things and learn to pay better attention.


a little landscape. Did this one for practice, much needed practice...

time flies :S

here are some PSD studies, some brainstorming thumbs and a little quick one i did for fun.