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Full Version: Ananda's sketchbook :D
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Hi, I'm new :)
21 years old, student, from Spain. I've been lurking and the community here seems really nice and helpful, just what I think I need since always practicing on my own gets quite lonely and demotivating at times.

Here's some past work, and from now on I'll try to keep updating only with new stuff.

Any feedback is very welcome.




man the atmosphere, these are amazing... really really good edges. :) cant crit its awesome
I agree with Yololex, great atmosphere. Love those first two street scenes.
Hey Ananda!

Cool Stuff! I agree to with all comments. the first 2 once are really sweet!
Especially the first one. Is this done in oils or watercolors?
Hi Ananda,

Loving that first painting of the buildings/street good stuff. Hope to see more.
love the ally paint hope to see more from u :)
tnx for the feedback
Thanks, the traditional paintings are all acrylic. I'm struggling with one at the moment, also a study from a film still and heads from random photos.



Good start to the sketchbook :) and welcome to the forum (i know it's a bit late :P)
First painting is great! Nice work in here, keep it up!

I haven't had much time to draw this week, but today I went to life drawing. I used to go once or twice a week but now with university schedule I hardly ever can... I'm so rusty, ugh, only two half decent drawings out of thirty I mostly couldn't finish.


Very nice stuffs here ! Nothing to say but keep the good work ! Sun