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Full Version: New life
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Hey guys, pretty much my first post here. I am currently studying software engineering, 3rd year out of 4, and I'm also interested in art, visual in particular. I haven't been drawing much, about a few weeks when it all comes together, as I had some breaks due to university/lack of feedback.

I am self teaching myself from various sources, books, videos, blogs, you name it. I don't have access to life drawing classes, but I'm trying to draw everything that catches my eye, be it hands (well, my left hand), something from nature, anything really. I am planning to go through some mentoring classes here, for the sake of structured learning, and having fun. Who knows, maybe I'll make a profession out of my hobby.

Also, I'm currently focusing on drawing traditionally, using graphite, but will jump into digital painting, according to those classes. I own some awfully small Wacom Bamboo, well, didn't have money for anything better, nor do I have it now, but I guess it will do a job for starters. I'll try to update as much as I can, though I sometimes forget about it, even if I have something to show.

Some examples of my work, I'm planning to finish that barbarian, but I feel that fundamentals and expanding my visual library are more important for now.

Oh, yeah, I'm also using all-in-one scanner, and I'm always trying to bring my pieces to acceptable quality, although that's not enough sometimes, so I apologize for low quality work in advance.

cool start!
Welcome Krilce!

Great start of your sketchbook! Really cool studies ^^
Welcome to the boards!

Good start there! Keep it comin~