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Full Version: Chrispy's Sketchbook
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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by here!

Below is my sketchbook, that I will update on a regular basis! If you have a minute, i'd be grateful if you could leave some feedback, it would help me a lot! Thank you! ^^

[Image: MountainsStudy1000px_zps1bf0b967.jpg]

[Image: Templ1000px_zpse752048f.jpg]

[Image: Temple1000px_zpsaf16f798.jpg]

[Image: Valley1000px_zpsa47d8792.jpg]

Heres a Marker study of my favorite artist :)

[Image: Bladerunner_zps3d0ba988.jpg]

Some movie studies:

[Image: Django1000px_zpsd464532e.jpg]

[Image: Leo1000px_zpsfed5ef95.jpg]

[Image: Dan1000px_zpsf61d10b6.jpg]
great studies, looking forward to more!
Great enviroments man, your looking strong on them especially your atmospheric lighting and depth. With your film studies I suggest trying to break down the form, think about the big shapes of the anatomy and question wether you're thinking in symbols rather then what you see, it was huge trap of mine. However, you do have the spirit and likeness of the people down which is always a good thing.
Thank you :)

Yes for the film studies your right... I was focussed mainly on colours rather then the shapes themselves. I will take your advice to heart on the next lot of filmstudies I'll do! Thank you for the help :)

Here is a new experiment of mine drawn from imagination and without reference. I am convinced there are a couple of issues with it, so feel free to point them out to me :)

[Image: DemonPortrait_zpsbdce7b7c.jpg]