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Full Version: Nora's sketchbook
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Welcome to my sketchbook
Just got myself a tablet, can't wait to explore all its possibilities, work hard and hopefully improve a lot. ^^'

Some of the first sketches I've made:

and my very first quick study/painting:
Great start, your drawing especially, some nice accuracy. A tip for digital studies would be to try to post ref too, helps us see whats up :D! Can't wait to see more in the future!
Thanks, I'll try to remember to include the ref next time ;)
This is a good start, you have some basics with portrait sketching, now you have to work on painting part. There are numbers of tutorials for applying color- one could be to start it in grayscale so you can better understand values,and than make another layer with color,and another one with overlay option. There are some great tutorials on youtube- for example one from our administrator. Let me link you that- Also,check his other tutorials.

Can't wait to see you improve, have a lot of fun and enjoy your time here :)