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Full Version: New sketchbook
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Just started Posting on here so this is some of the personal work Ive been playing with lately. The feathers and the sword are pictures that ive laid in as space saves they are not actually going to stay there...crits welcome

Another one I did the other day

This one was done at work with the art direction of a 6yr old girl and her father who were waiting for her mom to get out of the ER

Another one I just started...thought I would try and do a more narrative piece but try and do studies while doing it... so Ive been doing metal surface studies for the armor and bone studies for the skeletons...still early but Id love to here what I should work more on
Really love the stuff you got going on here, keep up the good work, when you get a min can you give mine a look
dude really nice works ,i like your brush strokes ,keep it up !!