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Full Version: Saura Sketchbook
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Hello. New guy here! I heard this was a nice place from a friend. I decided to finally join up and start a new sketchbook! Now to study hard and improve!:D

some new quick studies and practices!
man been too long since I made art! :c
Hii Saurabhinator
welcome to Crimson Daggers :)
Lovely way to start your sketchbook, landscape studies and some character linework looks great...and...well I blocked ponies on my browser so all I can see is "allert-ponies" (kinda scared of them)
Hihi,joking. You have a really cute sketchbook. Keep up with good work and have lots of fun :)
sometimes i just overdose on pony, but not much lately. :O.
thanks for visiting!
some figure drawings. :)
some hand studies. :p
haven't posted here in long time. have some new stuff.
last years stuff.