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Full Version: Sketches and Progression
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I just thought I would get some of this down for critique, and to log my progression. Thanks all.



Some random studies and an eye from a deviant art tutorial.

Some more sketches
keep posting that the best way to improve
I posted this one in the random character forum, but I like it enough to put it in here.
Good start to your sketchbook. If i may make a suggestion your value range is all very similar and it's making your images look flat, work on some value studies and sketches and geta good understanding of values and that will help with your colour work to. A lot of your work also seems unfinished/rushed if you were to take a little more time you could push yourself and your images further which in turn would help you prgress that little bit more.

Keep posting and working hard and I look forward to seeing you progress! :)
Thanks for the advice. A lot of times I feel like I hit a wall, where I don't really know what else to do, or I don't have the skill to render the image any further. That's why I'm here I guess.

I tried to work on surface planes, value, and construction on these.

Welcome to the forums OctupusInk,

JonHop makes a good point but don't stress over it too much. I think what's best for you is to stick to pencil or pen for now or if you do feel like painting do it only in B&W. It looks like on your stuff from imagination you aren't afraid of having high contrast, that's good. However on your studies you tend to have a low value range. To get out of that funk all I can recommend is that after you do the study use the color picker to compare your values with the other values in the image. And take the difference into consideration on your next study or on your next piece from imagination.

For now though just keep drawing and do lots of still life drawings and paintings :)
Thanks for the advice. I did this study of a skull, and I know the proportions are a little off, but I tried to capture the values as best I could. I only color picked the lightest and darkest colors, the rest I just tried to match by squinting. It was definitely a learning experience.


I tried to do some light source stuff again, while keeping my sketch very loose. I am also trying to get my proportions on the head down.

Cat died. I stopped drawing for a while. I decided to do some stuff today.