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Full Version: Mythtaken and his training collage
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Yes I'm here too. Well, let's cut to the point, I suck at remembering to upload stuff. BUT I will try to keep this thread alive, after all, I don't want to make a fool out of my self.

Where I see myself in 5-10 years?
Excellent question!

I'll be a freelance illustrator/concept artist. That's my goal. The fellowship of the daggers will help me there, I'll do all the hard work, but you will help me push myself! As a study group I sincerely think we all grow together into one, big, family of assassins. ...illustrators..

Anyway it's late, and I got to keep working. Take care!

Here's a wip, just for the sake of it!

So, I just had to share this part of an email that I got from one of my teachers in Concept Art, note, it's only a part of the email, but anyway..

"Great to see that some of you have put the brush exercise up, keep them coming! Brushes are the single most important tool in becoming a talented and controlled concept artist. Its also the one area where we usually see students struggle, using the wrong brush or brush setting and therefore not achieving the required visual outcome. Generally if you dont get the result you want its most likely because your using the wrong brush, so keep trying brushes until you find the ones that make you achieve the result you desire!"

This is bullcrap, as you all know if you listen to the epic rants of Dan and Dave. The brushes does not control whether your image is good or not, your skills does! Heck, It's an insult to get this "tutoring" email.

Oh if you wonder, I use hard round and soft round brushes, period. I touch the chalc brush when I sketch occasionally, but other than that, hard and soft round brushes.
Starting the "paint 100 challenge", with faces. Because I realized I suck at them. Might start with rough values instead of just lineart, I figured that way would be a better practice than just lineart. Anyway, here are the first four, I'll keep 'em coming.

So here's the thing, I'm not throwing excuses around, but the reason why I'm not further in the bloodsports challenge, is because I'm so damn busy. Busy with general AND challenge specific studies, busy with school studies, busy with life, ok i lied, not busy with life, art/school is my life now... ..however, here's my comp sketches, going to revisit them after some feedback..

so here's what I got, after some delicious critique. I do not care for the first one, because it sucks and deserves to die.

New set of heads, I don't like them because of the lack of expression, and.. ..well I have a lot to learn sigh

As mentioned, I'm trying to practice values and not only linework when doing face studies. They suck, and the brushstrokes aren't optimized (you can barely see it in this low res version), but I could, in the high res. Though, I noticed they took damn long to draw, so I'm trying to find big shapes in the portraits, and I'm trying to practice my self to put down them more accurate.

Due to massive loads of school work that has to be done the next few weeks, I'm not going to participate in the bloodsports challenges. It's unfortunate, because I'd love to participate. Though, I'll be posting the school shit in here anyway, because it's part of my self development in art.

Well, see you around!
The 100 Challenge is still on! Here's two more.. ...hate them...


Before I decided to kill the bloodsports challenge completely, I figure I'd show you guys where I was, I kept going with the most recent desing that I posted, not very much changed though.

I did not die, I was just busy with some school work, here's three more studies.

I'm so sorry for number 20.. ..It's terrible.. ...I guess we all have those days

I feel like my sketchbook will die if I don't update it with faces... ...god this challenge is taking loads of time to complete... ...And I got to start with other studies too.. ..anyway, 9 more faces. Enjoy.

Cool stuff. I really like your composition sketches.
Keep pumping out those faces, I definitely see an upswing. One suggestion, you might want to vary up the angle of the faces to better broaden your understanding. Keep pushing it!
Thanks man!

Yea I've noticed that all my reference material is front views of the faces, also, there's not a large variety of expressions either. So I'll have to find some of those 3/4 views of heads, and with more expressions.

But I'll keep pushing my self either way, also I'm going to start with anatomy studies, all I need to do is to find some way to manage my time better.

Anyway, take care people!
Alright, I'm back.
Starting smooth with some linework.

Yay colors. Let's do more of these.

Color-dodging the hell out of something i did today. Don't worry, I'll post the "serious" portrait when it's done.

Here we go, the real one.

I feel like such a Dave Rapoza wannabe when I do these.. ..they're a lot of fun though..
I did a color study with a similar color scheme before I sketched this up

Low productivity, got to change that..


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