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Full Version: Natori's Sketchbook
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Hey guys,
Got lured into these parts of the internet by some sketch buddies.
Hope to improve and learn from the feedback and information on these forums ^v^.

Here's the goods:

old stuff:

[attachment=31888] [attachment=31890]
Really interesting gesture sketches, I never saw anyone use that tehnique. I think I'll try it myself too.
Nice start, just keep on practicing and have a lot of fun : D
@ Toxicpanda : Thank you for stopping by =) It's not really a technique, I'm very much a beginner ^^;; I will keep drawing >=D

For today:

images not loading =/
gestures from imagination:
gestures (60sec w/ big ink brush):

Hey Natori!
great to see you working so much. the gestures are really nice. faces are real hard, its good that yo'ure doing lots of them, keep up the good work!
there is a really useful resource thread here:
the class is closed, but its full of face exercises that you might want to try out

also, you might want to resize some of the images, some of the ones youve posted are 2800px wide. even though the forum resizes them, they take a while to load
Frustrating line art practice and going back to the regular studies after this:


Small update on heads:

That is a lot of figures. Your paper and pencil drawing looks great. Especially those heads. Looks like you stiffened up on that last line art study you said was frustrating. Stay loose
Nice studies! Cool to see you put so much effort in this :)
random gen: "wrecked mummy drinks"

Thanks guys, Ron & Kaffer! It's getting to be time consuming to upload stuff and keep churning it out. This only applies to traditional medium, digital is a lot quicker to post online.

cheers, to digital and onwards!

intermission from uploading, WIP masterstudy:

mini update:
Digital gestures (30~ min session):