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Full Version: Brynklord's Daily Sketches
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Bjulvar- thanks so much man!! I totally agree with you! That's something I'll definitely work on with my next sketch!! Now get some sleep bro! haha

Archreux- Didn't finish the Cghub piece yet! I'll probably restart it now cause it's harder for me to work in just greyscale at the moment. I'll post any progress I make on it here though!


Easing back into daily studies. I'll be back tomorrow!

Done in my sketchbook throughout the day.
This is probably my first time posting here in over a year haha.

Anyways, here's a painting I did today! Had a lot of fun with it! Lemme know what you think!

[Image: highwayman_mediumer_by_brynklord-d7lfr5y.png]
Once again, long time without posting.

Anyways, here are some sketches/studies from this last week.

Follow my tumblr if you wants see more regular updates. TUMBLR LINK

[Image: 3_17_15_by_sdutter-d8m4o1x.png]
[Image: 3_14_15_by_sdutter-d8m4o1m.png][Image: 3_08_15_by_sdutter-d8m4o18.png]
[Image: 3_7_15_by_sdutter-d8m4o0z.png]
[Image: tumblr_ntqacg1VHK1uqtdoho1_1280.png]

I don't post here all the time so here's my tumblr as well.
Really nice work! Glad to see so much effort, and can't wait to see further progress. Thumbs_up
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