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Full Version: Concept art Workload?
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Hi, just got a few questions about the amount of work etc that people do for concept art jobs

I think that this question will be relative to the job u r doing so can appreciate people mite have different answers.

In 1 week, how many

Characters would you be expected to design

in rough,
finished concepts

and the same for environments, vehicles, props etc

Thanks for taking the time to respond or look at this and sorry if this has been asked before. any answers or info would be very much appreciated :)
I'd like to help you, but unfortunatly I have only tons of experience with character illustrations.

I think it depends a lot on the quality the client is expecting from you. If he wants you to do an high quality character concept including an illustration I think it will be like 1 char per week, cause rendering alone can take like 30-40 hours in that case. But if he wanna see some rough concepts it might be that he expects like 8 thumbs and 2 rough paintings a day.
thnx melanie, is no problem is much appreciated :) this is v helpful