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Full Version: Black needs a sketchbook
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[Image: 7BRJH.jpg]

[Image: kudu_by_blackseagull-d3knx4k.jpg]

[Image: LGelx.jpg]
Those deer sketches are pretty good, good shapes/proportions, maybe some more play with line weight and contrast could make them more interesting
Are those Kudu? I like. I think you could do something about the large winged creatures wing touching the mountain though, it looks kind of weird.
Those are studies with doodles on them. I'll keep it in mind til next time.
Stupid skype being super distracting

[Image: Uyk1k.jpg]
[Image: QzPMt.jpg]
low quality because I'm lazy and it's just studies

[Image: VesQn.jpg]
[Image: UD0yO.jpg]
[Image: njIci.jpg]
[Image: ciHk6.jpg]
Really nailed the water on that last one!
[Image: blue_by_canoda-d4st8l9.jpg]

[Image: orange_by_canoda-d4st8m2.jpg]

[Image: maple_by_canoda-d4st8n2.jpg]

the horrible habit of not finishing stuff
[Image: wips_by_canoda-d4st8yt.jpg]

[Image: fastfood_by_canoda-d4stjos.jpg]
[Image: hjgYt.jpg]

haha Aaahw damnit!
Too occupied trying to not put the left lions paw up the right lions ass.
[Image: moose_and_stuff_by_canoda-d4tdq3s.jpg]

A break from anatomy practice. From imagination

edit: there is now a moose. Not sure it helped
[Image: krokus_by_canoda-d4tgh4q.jpg]
[Image: vilppu_lecture_by_canoda-d4tnloe.jpg]
keep it up, would like to see some more imagination stuff tho
[Image: fx12_by_canoda-d4tp04p.jpg]

dragon of disapproval
Frekkin imagination. On my wounded tablet. We shall overcome!
[Image: dragon_of_disapproval_by_canoda-d4tp49x.jpg]
Travelled the country for a week and found another tablet
Commission study
[Image: bunny_study_by_canoda-d4vzsfr.jpg]
That rabbit study looks great!
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