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Full Version: Beeeats!
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Hey guys Insane, ecstatic

New project, new thread. I've got a bunch of half finished concepts that I'm going to post in-progress here. Eventually, I'll wrap it all up in a little mail bomb and deliver it to the finished work section.

I'll detail the story little by little. It may involve DJs and journeys in time to '70s metal shows. It definitely involves demon punks and ex-wrestlers.

[Image: josh-godin_demOnPuNk-v1.jpg]

[Image: josh-godin_gReGg.jpg]
Great stuff ! Can't wait to see more of your project man, loving the big guy :) !
Thanks, man ;]

Here's a W.I.P. environment/game-play mockup. Got a few of these I'm polishing up at the moment..

[Image: josh-godin_beatmode_env-01-santa-monica.jpg]

Critiques always welcome!
Epic work! I love the Metal dude!
I can't wait to see this one finalised ^ too!

also: Yolandi from Die Antwoord \,,/

Another level, w.i.p. Still feel like I have a ways to go on this one.

[Image: josh-godin_beatmode_env-02-reverb-cave.jpg]

Edit: I should note, this is a gameplay mockup, not an illustration :P
Epic stuff. For the last piece i'd try to get more of a focal point going. Think about what the selling point is in your image whats the main thing your trying to get across, the rest just helps that point. so for the last one im not sure to look at the figure in the foreground or the stage and if its the stage make it a little more intense it looks a bit underwhelming.
Keep posting! Also nice picture, Yolandi fresh as fuck.
Ha, correct. I haven't painted the focal point yet. I'll fix it, I promise!

Thanks for responding ;]
Cool character man, the illustration with the biker guys reminds me of a part in the walking dead comic (no spoilers in case people haven't read it). keep it up man :)
I'm one if those jerks who haven't read it all the way through :X
I rarely take myself seriously in my personal projects. Witness, subject A:

Turtle, W.I.P.

[Image: josh-godin_beatmode_turtle-v1.jpg]
hell yeah, that first mock gameplay image is sweet, are those buildings mainly just photos with filters?
Thanks, mang!

It's about 60/40. 60% split evenly amongst various speedpaint techniques and 40% distorted/bashed photos. Most of the painted stuff is just lasso tool for building sides and then a quick gradient followed by scrubbing with a sloppy brush. Once all those were in, I did the same with building details.

There's another trick I used I'm working on a tutorial for. It's wacky.
sweet, it came out fucking great!
Heya Guys.

Here's a little process shot of something I've been doing off and on for the last few years. I create a top down blueprint for a mock video game level in Photoshop. It doesn't need to be taken too far, since it will be obliterated or discarded in subsequent steps. I quickly draw out the various buildings and other major set pieces, then drop in some simple lights and rough in their bloom. Then I crop out a portion of the level (first image). I use the distort tool to warp that section into a ground plane extending towards my horizon line (second image). Now I know, in, uh, "proper" perspective, the location and scale of my set pieces, so I quickly "pull up" the assets from the ground plane (third image) to check composition and get a better read on the layout. Lastly, I work zoomed out with big texture brushes/fuzzy-mood brushes to imply lots of detail and variance.. drop photos in.. and establish my environment lights more specifically. If I want, I can then polish the shit out of it and hit all the edges in a big cohesion pass. Often, I just crop and stop, run a few filters, then post.

Alternately, you can use the floor plan as a projected texture on a plane of simple geometry in your 3D package of choice (I use SketckUp). Then just literally pull up the geometry, throw a few lights in (in SketchUp, I use VRay) and do a quick render (VRay again) as an "underpainting." In the case of this image, I just wanted to shoot it out real quick on plane ride.

Hope this makes sense and helps someone out there!

[Image: josh-godin_beatmode_babylon-auto.jpg]
Great stuff, as always, Josh. Love the Beat Mode characters.
Nice one!
Heya guys.

Second Chance Heroes has officially been announced and entered public Beta. I was lead concept artist throughout, and occasionally one head of our art director hydra after our long-time a.d. left. It's a Torchlight-ish, run and gun adventure game set in a world so fucked that mankind has to resurrect people from history to fight the horde of zombies, killer appliances, monsters, doofy 50s robots and maybe, just mabe, a zombie walrus with a laser eye and razor fins.

And here's a quick sample of the hundred or so characters and variations I designed while working there:
[Image: josh-godin_heroes-and-villians.jpg]

Here's the trailer:
Youtube Trailer

Help us get Steam Greenlit if you dig it!
Steam Greenlight link

Thanks for looking ;]
Well you can be proud of that. It looks great !
Thanks, man ;]
Long time no post!

Been busy, but still trying to crank out work on my project. I'll post more in the next few days, but here are a couple thangs. Hope you dig!

DJBeats + alt form.. DUB MONKEY
[Image: josh-godin_beatmode_djbeats-sheet.jpg]

fixed Santa Monica concept:
[Image: 01_josh-godin_beatmode_santa-monica.jpg]

Babylon Auto final:
[Image: 04_josh-godin_beatmode_babylon-auto.jpg]


And an unrelated art test failure :P

[Image: 01_naughty-dogs.jpg]

More soon !