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Full Version: The somewhat damaged sketchbook
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Hi everyone!

So im just gonna dump off a bunch of random stuff and get this thing going!

First up is some of my work for the substrata project me and some other folks are working on:

[Image: Substrata_Angel_Lineart_01.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Ymir_Lineart_01.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_ymirsketches.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Angels_FemaleAngel.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Ymir_Lineart_04.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Ymir_Lineart_05.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Angels_CharacterExploration_06.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Characters_Bell.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Demons_CharacterExploration.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Angel_Lineart_05.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_BlindProphet_CharacterExploration.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Ymir_Lineart.jpg]

[Image: demonhead.jpg]

[Image: Substrata_Doom_Kickoff_Lineart.jpg]
Hey, very nice linework!
Welcome :)
Welcome to the forums, the line work here is very interesting, how do you handle it usually? It's difficult for me to see what's going on in the last image, but I imagine if this is part of a project then some of these might get additional tone or colour. Anything, even light grey in the negative space around the figures would really help with that in a complex scene. I really like the dude with the monsters growing out of his back. :D
Hey dude!

Why u no post on polykarbon anymore :(, but good to see you round places.

I've never been able to put my finger on why it is, but to me your work always has felt floaty, like none of the creatures have to struggle against gravity.

Actually looking at it, i feel that a lot of the time i don't know exactly where the forms are all fitting. Hmm it's hard to explain :/.
Lots of sweet designs, want to see more! :D
Awesome designs.
These are super awesome! I love the way you stylize shapes and anatomy, and your linework is so sexyclean. I think the one with the hunched over squatting demon is my favorite. Keep it up, can't wait to see more!
Geeeez. Super clean!
Thanks for the replies everyone :)

Andantonius- thanks alot man!

Muzz- thanks man, yea I still got lots to learn

Here is some newer work, some speedy concepts (about 2 hours each) going to be switching over to a more realistic style for personal projects, need to spread my art wings a little...

[Image: Jane.jpg]

[Image: Jane2fix.jpg]

[Image: Jane3.jpg]
Man, you have beautiful designs! I especially admire the fashion designs of all those lovely ladies in your last post. Keep it up, I definitely want to see more from you.
Oh gawd. Oh
... Gawd.

There's just so much good stuff I jus... I jus.... woooooooow...


Subscribed <3
smrrfette- thanks alot!

ZombieChinchilla- Thanks man, you will!

Here is a WIP shot for an illustration concept I am working on, probably around the halfway mark now.

[Image: zeitgeistColorWip3.jpg]
Hi Everyone, long time no post. So here is a quick update from a little freelance I did recently, cant give any details sorry :(

[Image: 6.jpg]

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 7.jpg]

[Image: 8.jpg]