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Hi and welcome to my study sketchbook!

I already introduced myself in this thread and this is going to be my personal study progress. I'm sick of not being able to paint stuff the way I want sometimes, so I'm going for complete re-study of everything.

my goals:

1. Teach my ass some discipline
2. Get kick-ass at fundamentals
3. Find full-time job as concept artist

Do you guys have any advice reaching those? (exept for obvious ones, like learning and doing studies) I get creative blocks very often and generally became very self-conscious about my art stuff. Since I'm 23 and graduated, I gotta find myself a full-time job to keep my independence AND study hard to get better which only scares me even more. But I decided to suck it up and just do it. So with that said, anything that might help with my dilemma will be appreciated.

Today I painted some skulls. 1 hour each:

Did some skulls and a Portrait B&W study. Took a different approach on skulls, tried being more constructive. Shit's hard. I guess I'll just keep forcing myself and see what happens.



didn't watch the time but skulls are around 1h each and portrait study took me around 3 hours.
Double update!

Did some skulls and a portrait yesterday. Each took me 2 hours.




30 sec. gestures:


60 sec. gestures:


120 sec. gestures:


Environment study, 2 hrs:

Have been terribly distracted this weekend, i hope to get back to my daily routine by tomorrow. Did some gestures and figure studies. The gestures are 90 sec each, since I'm still getting used to using dual monitor, I also did them digitally this time to spare some paper and personally, I found it harder to sketch gestures with tablet, can't put my finger on why, though. It just feels funny.

Nice work with those gestures---!!
They're really sending off an energy with those nice curvy lines!

And wow, those two painted figures - you really know planes!

I learned a lot just by looking at your skb, keep it up eleven! :D
Thank you, smrrfette! However, I find some of my gestures way to contoured and now after I've seen Proko's new gesture critique video I've decided to step up to 60 sec each, hope this will make me think more intuitively.

Unfortunately I did my gestures before I've came to this decision, so those are same 90 sec ones


Bammes Knee-studies


Than I did a portrait for 2 hours


And these 2 color painting which were really really wtf I gotta make more of those!
1 hr each.



BTW, what resolution is considered best posting on these boards? Does anyone bother zooming in (not that my studies are detailed) or is it considered bad manners if I continue abusing your bandwidth this much?

anywho, see you tomorrow!
Wow, so many gestures in here it's crazy, haha. You got some other good stuff in here, albeit studies, but looking good, keep at it! Can't wait to see how you plan on implementing all this hard work.
Thanks, Archreux! Yeah, 'tis my study sketchbook afterall. I update my personal stuff on my blog and deviantart, if you're interested! And yeah, can't get enough of those gestures! They're quick and fun, so it's a good warm up i guess..

Today I've been somewhat lazy, so it's just some body parts. I had big problems finding good body part references (well lit and big enough) - do any of you one have some sites or albums you can recommend me??
'ello and thanks for dropping by! Today's efforts:

Gestures for warm ups (60 secs). Way better control traditionally..screw wacom that shit isn't comfortable and intuitive enough for such training in my opinion.


Material study from life. 3 hours in. Those forms were tough and I think I didn't quite got them right (later the sun got too far away from my window and messed my whole still life up). Also I haven't thought it through and put it on white sheets of paper. Bounce lights. Bounce lights everywhere..


And a clothed figure study, I didn't check the time but I think it was around 2 hours in

Here are some more recent studies,

60 sec gesture drawings


More Bammes lower Limb studies


Rembrandt master study, aprox. 3 hours (been a very tough one)


Naked figure, aprox. 2 hours


And two quick environments



Please feel free to comment!
Hey man!

Uh, ya!

Dayum, you really are killing it!
I can see you're applying those Bammes studies well, your 2hr work is crazy! You're also really kicking ass in the figure dept.

I'm glad to hear you've seen Proko's vids, he's amazing. All those gestures seem to be paying off!

As for good body part resources - I tend to either just check out Anatomy 4 sculptors Facebook page/their wesbite or over on Pinterest :)

Hope that helps, I look forward to more!
Thank you, smrrfette! I bookmarked these links and will definitely use them next Time I do anatomy! I've been a little lazy doing my studies last week. But I've kinda gotten sick of studying the whole Time and posting studies only, so from now on It's not only my study, but also a daily traditional sketchbook, to train my imagination and to apply studies I made!

To celebrate, first, enjoy these old master thumbnails:


And first couple of sketchbook pages:


Very nice knee studies!
Hey Trevor! Glad you liked those! Here, have some more! :D


Daily Sketchbook poop page


Also, heads (1 hour each)


gotta go!
Today's efforts:

Gestures, and some quality time with lovely live model


Tried to construct a portrait there...kinda failed. nevermind.


And a 2 hrs environment photo study. This one was HARD, dammit. Those fields are bringing "pain" in "paint"...haha, get it? ....i wish someone actually read it :( oh well...


A small sketch to end the day

Quick hangouts sketch for today

Today's efforts:

1 hour studies:



and a fun sketch to try to apply my knowledge


That's it for now! Take care
Great work! I really love that peaceful water scene. The colors and shapes are both very calming.
Thanks, Tygerson! That's what I aimed for in that sketch. Glad you like it :)

That's a CHOW WIP I started before going to bed...Theme is: Goblin self-portrait. Enjoy!


good night.
today's efforts:

1,5 hr sketch:


also invested couple of hours rendering this guy

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