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Full Version: delCid Summer Pitch
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Since I'm not able to get any job I will start posting some images, and try if any story or project comes out.

"Always glad to see one of these alive." - Corona.
Good start.


Second Part, I thought this could be the diary of some traveler, a bunch of images of the world with a little bit of text.


"He doesn't like this place, next morning I will continue alone." - Corona. Memories Chapter 2.

Edit: Thank You Finnjamin btw
Super nice stuff! Love your colors!


I think it was an error to change the colors so much from the others but well, this mistakes only improve yourself.
Corona (the main character from the other two) is the tiny figure in the right bottom.

"I never saw my umbrella again."
- Corona. Memories Chapter 4.
Love it, lot of motion going on. I have some trouble to find the focus point but there is so many details everywhere that I don't mind at all to look around :)


Thank you khfr, I try to not put so much detail but I always end creating a mess without any focus, I just dont know how to create compelling empty spaces.

Another one, I used more similar colors to the previous ones.
Awesome colors & artstyle! :D
As Prabu says; nice colours and style. Reminds me of Jesper Ejsing, which is no bad thing.