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Full Version: Aaron Jordan's Sketchbook
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Sketches, doodles, roughs, and studies. Great place to start a new sketchbook. Thanks to everybody here. Here's a study for Bloodsports 5.
More studies for bloodsports.
wolfboy study, thanks
Doodlin some venom! Thanks
These are hot! That vampire and venom lookin goooddddd! Curious to see more pencils, that venom looks spot on.
Thanks Dennis here's a sketch of Sabretooth.
Wolverine sketch from last night, more to come.
more rough-ass sketches, thank you
Alien doodle in anticipation of Prometheus. Thanks
Aliens! <3
Awesome work with the pencil : )
Thanks isra IRON MAN WIP
Vampire(third post) up there looks awesome! really nice sketchbook, lookin forward to seeing more.
Thanks Jonesoda, Wolverine doodle
Absolutely love how expressive your pencil work is, and that wolverine doodle is awesome! Great sketch book, keep up the hard work.
Watercolors, sooooo hard! Thanks
Zombie sketch
werewolf sketch, thanks
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