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Full Version: Joel's Sketchbook - just starting out!
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Happy to be a part of this community! Thought I´d post some of my pictures here that I have been doing the last month. Just started out one month ago so I´m a beginner to art, got lots of stuff to learn! Gonna post them in chronological order.

Hope you like it!

Some more stuff
more stuff
Here´s some new stuff, been awhile since I posted.
keep posting i can't wait to see more
(08-05-2013, 04:31 AM)darktiste Wrote: [ -> ]keep posting i can't wait to see more

Thanks alot Darktise! So glad you like it!

Here´s some more!
Nice stuff in here dude! \m/

Been awhile, here´s some new updates with new pictures including some sketches.
Awesome. I love your dark style in all of these. I especially like the piece above the dragon, I think that would look super cool if you finished it more. The portrait of the knight with the glowing eyes looks good except for... the eyes, in my opinion. The glow looks a little cartoony, I think if you created more of a gradient between black and that orange it would look better; and maybe add a whiter hot spot in the middle of them. I might also angle the "brow" of the helmet down a little to make it more menacing, if that's what you where going for.
Thanks alot for the feedback JJ Aaron, i can see what you mean and I totally agree.

Here´s a couple of new ones.
Hey Joel, good to see your posting here aswell, push onwards.
Hey crackedskull! Good to see you as well!

Here´s a new environment painting!
Here´s some new pics!

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"Just started out one month ago so I´m a beginner to art, got lots of stuff to learn"

I...I don' can this be? You're painting like you've been doing it for years D: (I know you posted that in July but..)

I really like your environment paintings, particularly the one on 10-08 and the last one you did today.

Are you challenged at all by what you're doing? If I were to attempt to give any advice, I'd suggest trying to draw/paint something you're not good at or not comfortable with. Find your weaknesses and make them a strength, I suppose.
i agree with what oh noes says ...your far from starting out from what i see XD

But yeah you seem to have a affintiy for doing armor and doing it very well i might add love like that fire armor golem you made , also the pictures with the helmets with horns are pretty good too cause of the dark light n such .

Not much more i can add there
Oh wow, your sketchbook is ...
Whoa.. if you're a beginner, than... what the heck am I 064
Feels bad man haha, xD

Lovin' all your work, can't wait for more!

I´m so grateful for the beautiful comments, it´s really wonderful to hear such kind words. I´m sorry for not updating, there has been so much death around lately, haven´t had time to paint or do anything but mourning the gone. I´m coming back now but my style has changed.