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Full Version: The Deep
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Been a while since i've been on here, but havent not been working.

Have had an idea for a series on T.V called "The Deep" about a riot breakout at a max security deep space prison for a while now. Basically the first season follows the lives of an unorthodox galactic marine en route to The Deep and an alien prisoner incarcerated.

Throughout the season more and more information is given about exactly what has happened in the prison. The warden, fed up with how many new species of alien are filling up his mostly human population, orders the unlawful execution of a species interacting with a human at yard time, this prompts a massive backlash from the alien inmates, who decide to rise against the humans, all of them. Now human officers and prisoners are either working together or for themselves trying to get out or kill off all alien species before the marines arrive to sort the mess out.

I felt like the most interesting thing would be the play on the seperate lives the marine and the prisoner have, being on a ship for most of the first season, the marines story will mostly be quite subdued and a break from the frentic and violent happenings at the prison complex. the marines story would more closely follow his personal life and beliefs on alien species and their roles in the galaxy (he is on board with other species not just human) he would be all the thoughts and ideologies that we as people have and the prisoner would be the visceral outpouring those ideologies can manifest as in different people.

Its pretty bare bones at the moment but hopefully this will help flesh some stuff out, for now i only have some rough concepts of some possible prisoners. Will be doing more.