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Full Version: Wraeclasts Art!
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Hey everyone, I'm new here and Id like to start by saying I would love honest critiques, no matter how brutal! Let me know how I could improve, I have hundreds of studies from the past few months, but Ill post a few of my most recent pieces, and start updating the thread with more stuff!
Quick movie study before bed.
New cover for my fb page
Character concept, I've been studying loomis and tried applying it here!
Hey Wraeclast!
Nice start to your sketchbook! I can see you have some wonderful ideas brewing in that head of yours!

I would love to see your studies as well, here in your sketchbook :3 could help somewhat with providing feedback.
As for crits, I would suggest doing some value studies, especially with portraits, as values are the foundation of great colour work.

Keep it up man :D
Thanks for checking out my sketchbook and giving me some feedback! I'll start posting more studies! (I do almost all my studies atm in B&w)
Head study, value, skeletal, and muscular.
Keep it up. Try to understand form.
(08-23-2013, 06:17 AM)crackedskull Wrote: [ -> ]Keep it up. Try to understand form.

Thanks! I'm slowly starting to get better at painting form, but like I said, its a slow process xD
Just started this one, and did a study for it (considering adding people in the distance). Any crits are appreciated!!
Progress shot ha a long convo with my friend and he taught me heaps, hopefully ill be able to apply it on this.
Done with this for now, lots I could do still. I feel it was great practice with lighting and form though. Ill definitely be putting more time into the next one. Hopefully I can take it even further.
Some stuff I started, the linework for a character concept, aswell as a study for it before I try painting it. Also did some thumbnails for the theme dark void. Leaning towards 2 and 1 at the moment. (The black dots would be creatures coming out of these portals).
Update on my concept, trying to pull those forms out like you guys said, I feel its coming along!
Tried adding colour xD
Nice start to a sketchbook man, you've got some cool stuff in here!

If I could offer a crit, I would recommend you focus on your values and lighting. Try to understand where your light is coming form and how it effects your forms. Do some simple orbs and basic shapes made out of different materials and see how the light effects them differently. Still life paintings are super useful for these too, i'd recommend doing at least one a day.

here, read this, it should help (just copy and paste it) -

and this might prove useful too -

hope this helps dude, keep it up!