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Full Version: In a Sketchbook far far away...
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Whats up Crimson Daggers?

Will be trying to keep my sketchbook updated in the hopes of getting some helpful critique and to have a lot of fun along the way!

Oh what to start with, I guess something that I made yesterday!

My goto thing is faces (like most people) so I wanted to draw environments and get out of my comfort zone.

Edit: Had some critique that the image was still too vague, you couldn't identify if it was a cave or forest, so I went in and bumped up the forms a bit (with the use of photos)

Welcome to the forums bud, I hope you find what your looking for
Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers!! I look forward to seeing your more of your work here!! I like what you're doing thus far... and look forward to your journey.. chat soon :)
Wrapping up the weekend with some color studies ^^
went on a bit longer to try and see if I can define trees and rocks more in sketches (as I failed horribly at that in my first pass on the last post).

Some imagination character sketching!


Will deliver sketches in higher quantity this weekend! lets burn!

Quick 30min sketch of a "leader" creature design!