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Full Version: Windmaker's Sketchbook
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Hello, good people of the Crimson Daggers. You all seem lovely, so I decided to join you.
My name is Yuriy. I work in the video games industry aaaand... some of you might have seen me around

I feel like I'm terribly terribly stuck with my work and that's why I decided to post stuff and get feedback, and improve. Hopefully. And start doing studies. Because I suck at that.

So, here are some sketches. And two knights I painted for Paul Rirchards' Substrata project (that didn't make the cut though). And the process steps for the knights.

Any kind of feedback would be welcome, so feel free to critique away!

[Image: t2t6.jpg]
[Image: i5tp.jpg]
[Image: c91j.jpg]
[Image: fg81.jpg]

[Image: x7o2.jpg]
[Image: pj10.jpg]
[Image: 6war.jpg]
[Image: 93xj.jpg]
[Image: nzyu.jpg]
[Image: n9b8.jpg]
[Image: u8gn.jpg]
[Image: 5s7u.jpg]
Well... I fail with the studies. But, very unexpectedly, I ended up taking part in a live drawing/painting event. And I gave a character design lecture. I talked about how story relates to and helps the design, as well as shape language, rhythm and various general design principles. Aaaand... those are the drawings I made in preparation for the lecture.

If anybody is interested and curious about the thought process behind these, I can write the lecture up and post it here.

Thanks for looking! And have a nice day:)

[Image: e93o.jpg]
[Image: zys5.jpg]
Welcome, Yuriy! You've got some great design sense already. Not only in the armors but in the creatures too. One thing I'm seeing across the board so far is everything has the same texture to it. You should try out some texture studies to help make things feel more different from each other and maybe try playing around with adding a couple more brushes into your arsenal. Looking forward to more updates!