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Posting all my sketches and studies and what-not from the Miyazaki challenge on in here.
[Image: nausicaaa-comp-group.jpg]
[Image: nausicaaa-comp-group2-1.jpg]
[Image: nausicaaa-comp-group2.jpg]
[Image: forest2.jpg]
[Image: forest1.jpg]
Ohmu sketch
[Image: ohmu-study2.jpg]
[Image: ohmu-study3.jpg]
[Image: study2.jpg]
[Image: emma-study.jpg]
[Image: Samara.jpg]
[Image: chicks.jpg]
[Image: animals.jpg]
Great work man. You should post up your final for bloodsport 5 in here, it's really nice!
(02-13-2012, 05:42 AM)Dennis Kutsenko Wrote: [ -> ]Great work man. You should post up your final for bloodsport 5 in here, it's really nice!

Thanks Dennis!
[Image: nausicaaa-final1-1.jpg]

EDIT: LOL! I just realized I left the little "light source" indicator in the picture on accident. It's between her left foot and the baby Ohmu.
Messing around.
[Image: ghost2.jpg]
[Image: LOTRstudy.jpg]
Sketches for me bloodclot Bloodsport.
[Image: Taunalusk3.jpg]
random study
[Image: studychick.jpg]
Figured I'd upload my monster hunter stuff since I wasn't able to finish in time for the bloodsport. Still gonna finish it though.
[Image: hunter-sketch3.jpg][Image: armor-sketch.jpg]
[Image: Taunalusk33.jpg]
[Image: hunter-sketch2.jpg]
[Image: Taun-done.jpg]
some gold in here, I'm a fan of your latest concepts :) keep it up mate!
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Posted by rich4rt - 02-25-2012 06:47 PM
some gold in here, I'm a fan of your latest concepts keep it up mate!

Thanks man! A few more stuffs..
[Image: octopus_1.jpg]
[Image: Rusty_train_in_Koprivshtitsa.jpg]
[Image: mechmonday1.jpg]
[Image: robots.jpg]
oh great work on the nausica fan art!
good job on the nausicaa and the hunter / hunted concepts are nice too.
one thing i would recommend is to not rush your studies so much, try doing a few where you just push them as far as you can, up to the point where you feel you have no idea what more you could do on them. push them to completion, forget about the time spent as it's well spent and just keep grinding.
i'd love to see some of those polished studies so we can talk about them!
cheers dagger
I haven't updated in a while!

[Image: hulk.jpg]

[Image: Swordp2b.jpg]

[Image: Rastagyalred.jpg]

[Image: Mollycomp1.jpg]
Good work with the female portrait and the sword!! : )
These will probably be the last updates I make for my sketchbook this summer cause I'll be in upstate NY mentoring, molding and reconfiguring young minds at the summer camp I work at. BUT, as soon as I get home (which will be around September 1st) I'll be back to grinding.

I'm not done with the 'Gief yet because I still want to work on his anatomy a bit more and the background.
[Image: The-Red-CycloneDone2.jpg]

And this ones for a friend. A paying friend.
[Image: G-_Rizzen.jpg]

Lastly. A character for a personal project I'm working on.
[Image: medusa.jpg]
Haven't updated in a while. Need to more often. This is just a face study to work on lighting and such.

[Image: turkish-study-CD_zps86d96fb6.jpg]


[Image: Veiled-Mist-CD_zpseac1a7bc.jpg]
I need to be better about uploading.
[Image: Delphae.jpg]
[Image: Hurzon-bust.jpg]
[Image: robot.jpg]
[Image: Valdry.jpg]
[Image: Hurzon1.jpg]
[Image: Hurzon2.jpg]
[Image: brandon-bust.jpg]
the warrior guy in the last post looks great ! =)
Nice linework. Paintings need more lovin' (mostly values and materials) :)
Never surrender!
your character designs are getting nice n interesting man, keep pushing the lighting and colour studies too
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