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didnt get a chance to do much Loomis today here is what I have though
[Image: H4GsWOQ.jpg]
[Image: ViZKYuz.jpg]
[Image: 4CjNf9C.jpg]
Learning to draw different reptiles. I am going to do alot of these studies I love animals and mammals. I will still do my other studies. I did this drawing with graphgear 1000 pencil scanned in and adjusted levels.
[Image: KgZNj7h.jpg]
I just wanted to share some of my old Loomis studies from july-novemeber 2012 man I have to get good again
Made this in painter. I like this program just need to learn it better.
[Image: gKTazqt.jpg]
Some more painter trying to get used to this program I like how it feels
[Image: CKhicIq.jpg]
messing around in painter again. I gotta fix the teeth they are not aligned properly
[Image: qtHI6Pr.jpg]
[Image: o9oasVQ.jpg]
[Image: rXCRT3X.jpg]
Line Drawings very loose all digital. I am gonna do some more quick practice studies traditionally and post them
6/2/14 Hit up my sketchbook

[Image: rTthtqk.jpg]
[Image: dPWhrxo.jpg]
[Image: rDl5HmY.jpg]
[Image: aJpIZcw.jpg]
[Image: tcxUxtQ.jpg]
[Image: cP7cjGa.jpg]
[Image: 5QqvWd3.jpg]
[Image: esARX8U.jpg]

[Image: y8UUHRf.jpg]
[Image: vh8Yg5J.jpg]
[Image: XvFW020.jpg]

This is from that duck painting I did I sculpted it in 3d
[Image: mjiagnU.jpg]
[Image: wKu8F8L.jpg]
tonights painting
[Image: yKhGS2T.jpg]
[Image: CB7fchl.jpg]
tried some lighting practice
[Image: kXr63eQ.jpg]
tonights painting
[Image: CXPlyoz.jpg]
[Image: 0GsHcHr.jpg]
tonights painting studying anatomy
[Image: 6Qqef4S.jpg]
Tonights painting
[Image: T4I9BVE.jpg]
[Image: aOhG9QZ.jpg]
[Image: V7puhZR.jpg]
Hey man thanks for commenting in my sketchbook!

It's good to see you studying despite your full-time job. Keep it up! Just in general I notice a lot of your paintings and studies are very loose and soft. Throw in some hard edges man and really make that stuff pop!

:D More more more!
Thanks man yeah I seem to have a mental block when it comes to adding hard edges I will try to do a painting soon using nothing but hard strokes and see how it comes out. I get out of hand with the smudge brush it seems lol.

Here is some random stuff I have been working on lately

Watch Product for a client I did using zbrush, 3ds max, keyshot
[Image: DF4AcH0.jpg]

Aliens need cleen teeth too lol zbrush and keyshot
[Image: 5LP4Hsu.jpg]
[Image: d0EgtdO.jpg]

corel painter early cemetery
[Image: XX92Caj.jpg]

zbrush boot
[Image: aidJcUk.jpg]

Some zbrush guy
[Image: cyIlkNj.jpg]

some dragon head zbrush
[Image: 9KDOaBc.jpg]

big ears zbrush
[Image: d3rJJb7.jpg]

something new I am sculpting for this fridays crunchin episode
[Image: D0RxOoc.jpg]
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