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Full Version: Pat's sketchbook
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Reuploading my sketchbook because the previous one was messy
curious to see some tradional drawing not only digital stuff

one tips i would point out for you to get better proportion is to see with form(cercle square oval and triangle) look at what you want to draw but dont go straight up with a perfect copy in mind but deconstruct the subject into shape like cercle square oval and triangle .This step will give you the blueprint you need to start working.Don't expect to get the blueprint right on the first try.Don't give up proportion are really important so don't rush it or else bad thing happen.

I recommend downloading the pdf at this address:

if you can find a link to andrew loomis pdf i also recommend it
waiting for update on this sketchbook =D
Thanks for the feedback! Sry for being dead the past months.
I'll make it a goal to post daily from now on. Also more traditional stuff will be included in the future. Made some personal work and eye studies also a portrait. Going for atleast one portrait a day and doing studies on the planes of the face.
Started of with doing some sketches before jumping into digital.
Then rendered some eyes and finished with a portrait.

Don't be a stranger comment, critique etc.
The original image for the portait can be found at
First drafts on some concept art I'm currently working on for a competition.
Did a couple of sketches today playing around with different ideas for drawing techniques.
Hi thanks for commenting everyone!
Did some more sketching today and started another painting. I might finish it maybe not idk really.
Again comments, crits always aprecieated.
Cheers ! :D
Nice portraits! Are they referenced? You should check out's new expression practice tool if you havnt already.
Some sketching trying to make this a daily thing.
Did some expression sketches before jumping into digital.
Gotta manage my time better life is getting in the way.
Done some more sketches today, felt like crap.
More sketching.
Thank for all the great comments everyone !!
They gave me the strength to put in some more effort in today.
Ive done some more sketching today then polished the painting I was working on and made a 1 hour painting.
Don't be a stranger comment/crit etc :D
Gotten abit lazy just done some quik doodles.
More sketching as usual and started to work on a new painting.
Did some more epressions today.
Made some sketches from my imagination.
Made some blind drawings today. Pretty usefull technique for destroying them symbols.
Made some more blind drawings and started to work on a new portrait.
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