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Full Version: ~Cordelia's Adventure Time~
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Hello and welcome to my sketchbook! Insane, ecstatic
I joined this forum in order to improve my art skills as much as I can and beyond. So, this being the first post I should show you what level I'm on.
I've been drawing mostly manga/anime, and as much fun as it is I find the more 'realistic' drawings to be more satisfying. Tongue
I have a tablet, but unfortunately I kinda stopped using it because my laptop is insanely slow and I don't have a proper program for drawing and on top of that no money (surprise,surprise). Tongue

Anyway, here it is:

cool stuff, i was thinking of getting back to doing some more anime styled work myself. it definitely looks like a lot of fun. keep doing your thing and try to invest for your tools
BenFlores: Thanks for stopping by!

Okay, I haven't been here for a while because of school, and I haven't had much time for anything other than mindless doodles which are dispersed all over my notes.
But now I finally have time on my hands and I'll get my head into the game!
If you have any advice for me please share it! Wink


Here I tried to colour digitally. I'm not really good with colours. Sad