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Full Version: MightCrawler's sketchbook - Help me improve my art
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Hello, my name is Ted. I'm currently trying to get getter at art and would like to get help, and try to help others if I can. Feel free to comment and crit my work at any time, enjoy your stay

I'm attending Noah Bradley's artcamp at the moment, we are at week 2. Here are som color studies from masters and some work from mind. Enjoy

Nice studies, I like the color palette on your originals too. Hows the art camp going? You getting a lot out of it so far?
(11-21-2013, 05:45 AM)Hypnagogic_Haze Wrote: [ -> ]Nice studies, I like the color palette on your originals too. Hows the art camp going? You getting a lot out of it so far?

Hey, thanks a lot mister. I think the camp is helping me out a lot, I really like to do the master studies, they have helped my colors a lot so far and I hope they will continue to do that. Thanks for the comment.

Here are more master studies, two are more rendered studies. One is study of color and one study of composition and some value I guess

Frank Frazetta
Color Studies
That's a lot of studies... Sargent went out really well!
Nice work so far. I want to try that art camp out but I have reservations about the plein air painting portion of the class. I know painting from life is the way to go but I find traditional painting such a hassle. If only I could afford a Surface Pro...
Hello, thanks a lot for the comments guys, I really appreciate it. As for the plain air week, I have mixed feelings about it too. I think it will be a really good learning experience if I have any fingers left after painting in this cold weather. It will hopefully turn out well.

Here are the digital work for still life week, there are some imaginary work there too, did a lot of oil painting that week and I dont have a good camera so I cant really show that. It will maybe come later.


Here is this weeks assignment, self portraits. There are some shorted sketches and one is a bit longer. There are also some imaginary portraits in there, hope you like it.

Hey, sorry for the lack for pictures in this post, I have a blog if someone wants to check it out: I made a new post today with some random stuff, I will try to be more specific with the pictures I post here. But just to let you guys know that there are more random pictures there. Cheers

Here is a teaser: