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Full Version: Strewth Wizards
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Me, Damian, Cameron, and Peter wanted to become wizards, but we made a sketchbook instead. I'll start it off with day 1 of my quest to improve my work.

[Image: D3SntPJ.jpg]

[Image: 14copy_zpsd37b44bc.jpg]
[Image: 0238---PracticeSketches02122013_zps11b6dbf2.jpg]
[Image: 239copy_zpsf60fad09.jpg]

Lets get back into this.
Yeah son, Cameron is on board, lets do this!

Here is todays studies

[Image: wwdvzyu.jpg]
[Image: 3EkYPTC.jpg]
[Image: 240_zps4bdedbdd.jpg]
[Image: 242_zpseb90d1ed.jpg]
[Image: THUMBS1_zps1618c217.jpg]
[Image: 241_zps3f95c555.jpg]

Jacob - 3
Cameron - 2

the losers
Peter - 0
Damian - 0

Come on guys step it up :p