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Full Version: Awynt's Sketchybook
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First costume concepts. Weapons, color scheme, hair, and other details/accessories will be defined as we progress.

This is for an independent project with the working title Reboot.

[Image: mattbasic1.jpg]
[Image: MattBW1-618x1024.jpg]
[Image: tbonecapsleeves.jpg][Image: t_1.jpg]

Nice work Tawny. I'm glad to see you have a goal project in mind. I think I'm having trouble getting a read on these guys. The designs feel a little vague. They could be cops, criminals, mercenaries, zombie survivors or whatever. I'm not getting a read on their personalities either. One of the first things I look for is facial expressions and body language. These guys are way too neutral.

The lighting on the female is too defused. I have no idea where the lighting is coming from.
Some comp sketches for Wind Waker.

[Image: b7comp1.jpg]
[Image: b7comp2.jpg]
[Image: b7comp3.jpg]
[Image: b7comp4.jpg]
Those character designs are looking pretty good - one thing I'd say is to work on a greater range of value. The dude with the gun barely goes brighter than a middle gray. The girl has better range but it's all kind of segregated into various shapes which makes it flatter than it probably should be. Anyway, keep it up!
Wave study

[Image: wavestudy.jpg]
Hello my long lost friends. I've been so BUSY! Which is good, of course. Well, mostly good. Most of my time is spent working on client work (yay!) but the other time is spent working on my relationship (le sigh)

Here's the latest stuff I've done, that I can show off anyway!
[Image: JerraineMD.jpg]
[Image: SlionneWIP3.jpg]
This... is how I die. This bike is going to be the DEATH OF ME! Ok, so I'm actually enjoying painting this immensely, it is SUCH a pain LOL! It makes me miss my own motorcycle though... *goes window shopping on Craigslist*

[Image: mairwenbikewip.jpg]
Nice characters but they do seem to be lacking in a little personality as mentioned above. I like the motorcycle piece reminds me of joy from the shenmue video game.
Some more of the client work I've been doing, plus the first color rough of the cover! Feel free to crit. I have some specific guidelines from the client as far as a lot of the colors, positions, etc, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for critique! :)

I got a great crit from Trevor Claxton on this guy, I just haven't applied it. He suggested getting rid of the gradient and doing a shadow under to "ground" him. Will definitely do that when I get a chance! (p.s. The creatures have purposely "stretched" proportions on the upper limbs and neck. It was tough ignoring what I've been learning about anatomy to make them believable yet alien!)
[Image: JKatanaMD.jpg]

Should probably do the same with shadow for Mai.
[Image: MairwenMD1.jpg]

Color Rough...
[Image: ColorRough1.jpg]
the girl on the bike looks great! try doing more color studies
Stuff and things.

[Image: RandWIP1-585x1024.jpg]
[Image: Perrin2LinesSM.jpg?t=1351095302]
[Image: FL1sketch.jpg]
[Image: MaleLevel1colorMD1-1024x768.jpg]
[Image: TrisGrace2-795x1024.jpg]
Still life studies don’t have to be boring, in my opinion. Fruit and spoons are cool to paint, and you learn a lot from them. You can also learn a lot from studies of anything you have lying around, including your awesome collection of random Angry Birds figurines.

Quick 2 hour study of some pissed off birds. Don’t steal their eggs, k.

Perspective on the red bird is off but whatever. That’s the point of a study. To screw up until you learn how to do shit right.
[Image: Study111212.jpg]
Silhouette of a character I was commissioned to draw/paint. I'm trying to make sure I have strong silhouettes, especially when doing characters in this manner (concept type). I think it works for this guy.

[Image: HalfOrcBarbSil.jpg]