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Please Skip if you not interested for the few things happen to me: :)

Hey Guys my first images are actually quite old I was doing a little concept art but then I stopped, I've been very negative to myself about what direction of art to try out, I became a procrastinator and a bit depress, confuse, lost and unsettle with my heart. I did 3D(2012) back then and was struggling to cope doing 2 things at once trying to be an artist and keeping with class work. Last year I did something else for half a year to bring my confidence back up and then I decide to look for art schools. The Reason why I say this because my art might have been better back then and only recently until now, not long ago found this site from someone I met not sure if I should say his name, a few months back. My artwork of 2014 may look lame as I am slowly picking my self up. Comparison to some of my own. I found a lot of people on here and site to be very encouraging and motivating. I don't care anymore if my work sucks. I Will post for now on. I need your critique harsh and positive feedback. I don't mind you saying you can't make it in the industry but I am just going to do what I love. Please help point me to the right direction, I can get muddle up in my head like where I should be going and what to be learning. Sorry for commenting on such a slight depth story.

I really want a job in the field of digital art, concept art, illustrations, design, entertainment and I have been thinking about picking up my 3D knowledge and so on. I think the only way I'm going to learn is to post my work and show a portfolio if worthy.

I enjoy quite a lot of things in this world especially gaming, my goal to be fully happy and fulfilled is to create a game, thats specifically it. And hope to do other things on the way.
I want to be a character/creature designers(<<main) and environment artist and hopefully once I understand more about the business, vehicles and sci fi love to learn too.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Its no excuse to feel like a down person but I am going to take pride over similar passion forums because its whats helping me motivate. I live in New Zealand, Auckland and I am looking for a partner to work with as well.

Cheers XD

Down below are photography mix with textures and little painting. Done in 2013

Late 2012, I have this on deviant art. I know these are old but I need to push myself to do more so thats why I put some up.

I apologize if the images are too big if I need to scale them I will :_)
I'd say don't be too quick to jump into photo manipulation techniques. You do definitely need to learn how to do it for much concept art these days, but it won't help you upgrade your fundamentals. Work on those more and it will benefit you even more. Keep posting work!
Thanks monekybread I got one reply Yay! much appreciated. Yeah I did quite a bit of jumping in, I try my hardest to get an end result but it doesn't work out. I will be working on fundamentals so I think I might only post those up.

To be honest I just wanted to practice painting so I was only just getting use to digital painting again its been about 4-6 months I havent digitally painted. My wrist hurts so much from my intuos and i cant keep touch pen still. Wasn't trying to be too accurate just trying to build momentum.

25 sketches 75 more to go

Trying to draw with understanding in 3D
Keep those studies going, it's the best way to learn !
They are a lot of things to learn in the tutorial section that may be interesting for you.
Lots of exercise if you don't know where to start !
warm up

following a book called Goblinoids Scott purdy

Some stuff are my own

rough sketches, an idea of how I draw but want to improve. Thanks
Nice studies, keep them up!
But I would say that you should first focus on fundamentals. You said that you like characters so focus on anatomy, go through loomis books. They are available as free pdf here:

I see you're trying to create 3D models of bugs, kind of like Feng Zhu did in his videos. Not that the idea is wrong but I wouldn't go this far yet. It looks like you tried to draw the bug and then added some grid on the drawing to show form in the hope that it will look right. It won't as you're lacking knowledge in perspective. We have some great mentoring videos here on the forums on perspective made by Isra
There are ca. 40 hours of knowledge on perspective where you will learn the basics and more.

Hope that helps for now, take care! :)

thanks Nowio. Yeah I do a mix of fundamentals well trying that out and still do things I kinda enjoy doing and hope to bring the fundamentals back forth.

just a muck around

I need to save my money to buy loomis books.
Hey mate, for the value studies, consider using the largest brush size you can to build your forms. Rather than lots of small sized strokes try and use the least number to get the right value and shape. Also try and simplify the values into a few discrete tones and larger simpler shapes, especially at first. squint your eyes a little to simplify the value arrangement into mid tone, core shadow, highlights and block the major bits in first. Adding detail you can think of later once your main volumes are correct.
thanks I will apply bigger brushes, I get a little disorientated looking through reference as to me I see 100's different values in an image, but I guess the squint will help thanks.
Nothing special just something to push myself.
Fundamentals starting now, probably save those other type of paintings after. I have been really just drawing and painting, and now Im starting to get more of a flow and hang of it.
1 hour speed painting thumbnails. for warm up but now im tired lol
Hey, man. I totally understand you when it comes to depression and confusion about art. I've been there as well. Just recently joined CD because I also decided to get off the fear street and confusion avenue if you catch my drift.

My *unsolicited* advice would be: Draw from life! You have a cup of coffee next to you? Draw that. That remote control? Draw it, too. In perspective. In black and white. Also, most artists I've talked to would tell me to practice first in pencil and paper more than digital. They told me to get the basics down. I wouldn't tell you what to do, but I'll just pass their advice along.

I'm not sure what other things I can help you with since I'm no master myself, but don't give up! :)
Cheers dude thanks for coming in. Your absolutely right I have been watching ctrl and I know I should be using a pencil although I do that as well not as much as a digital silly me. But I haven't got a scanner yet. I going to work on an acrylic or quache paint today to see how it'll turn out
Haven't finish the model yet :D
Hehe, I really like thoose awkward first long studies of the human body, and i don't mean that in a bad way, they are just amussing because they convey a lot mood, but it wasn't the intention of it :) anyway just to drop a tip, i think you should work more with sketching and croquis, before you move into values, being able to understand form spacially is the most important, values will come easier after that :) i suppose you know of online croquis websites? But anyway this offcourse is only my opinion and any drawing assignment will do good in the end :)
Honestly cant find any drawing assignments, I try to make up little projects but I just spend hours on one thing. Right now trying to draw perspective and wont be posting that stuff up. I hopefully think that online life drawing model sites help with my quick, loose sketches in the morning, is that what you mean. hehe.
hey Eru,

cool to see you working through those fundamentals. I can only agree what has been said, try to use a bigger brush first and work your way down to smaller brushes. But that is only on thing. <<< check out this

and this:

They will help you if you apply the things they talk about.

When I look at the value study of the dude I see many issues, but the biggest one is your shape-relationship. The values are off too, but you should first work on having a solid linedrawing with the proportions correct. That is what I mean by shape-relationship. I attached a small sketch of the same dude. I used a big round brush with opacity and flow set to pen pressure. after this I would refine the outline more and more and make it thinner. then, when the outline is nice, add value.

When your dude has another shoulder width, the head is on a different location, etc. the values won't save it. Do linedrawings of people and then values.

all that being said, we all get ahead of ourselves and we all do mistakes. Just never give up and it will come.

Keep it up.
I think at this stage in artistic development you need to focus more on measurments. What I mean by that is setting a still life (or real model) and then while keeping straight arm, measuring it with length of the pencil.

Something like in this small tutorial I found quickly:
and more here
You can try searching for some other stuff on this topic.

I would also recommend going traditional for a while. Just pencil and large format paper. Digital can be all types of distractions.
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