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Full Version: Commercial Companies to submit portfolios to?
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What's up Daggers? Hope everyone's been painting and drawing like fiends :D.

I know there are those of us who have been getting steady work as freelancers, and making decent money and the like-- but it never hurts to expand your client base, right?

So I'm going to post some companies that people can apply to or send their portfolios to in order to potentially procure some work. All I ask in return if that if you guys have other places you know that are open to portfolio submissions based on what we do, then throw 'em into a post in this thread :).

We can all flourish together! It'll be nice to have a cohesive place to check out companies that may be looking to work with freelancers such as ourselves.

Note: I don't think it's in good taste to post direct emails unless the company or art director has openly stated that it's okay. I'll stick with names for now and then google can take care of the rest, haha.

So here's my current list:


Wizards of the coast

Mongoose publishing

AEG Games

Wyrd Games

Catalyst Game Labs

Triptych Games

Riot games




Shaddy (onepixelbrush)



Steve Jackson games

Hurricane games

Z-man games

Plaid Hat games

Bezier games


Riogrande games

White wolf publishing

So there we have it. If you guys know of any other companies that like portfolio submissions then post 'em up, otherwise enjoy :D.
I would go for bigger compagnies aswell. Like blizzard, ubisoft, EA...
Legend of the cryptids is from applibot i guess?
Ah, good choices...I almost forgot about the big guys! For some reason my mind associated them with in-house gigs.

As Applibot goes, I know they do LOTC and Galaxy Saga.
Here's the biggest list of game dev companies I know including small and big fishes :)
Here is another site with board, card, etc game publishers, the list is huge, there are like thousands of names here:
Well, you have to look at what these guys do and consider if your art is appropriate for them. Looking for work is not shooting from the hip. Steve Jackson and BLizzard don't go for the same stuff.
Hey guys, I just found this list:

tell me if you find it useful